Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 98: Another EARTHQUAKE!!!

Well, I am kinda done with the whole earth shaking thing... My first area is a bit destroyed, but not completely. The good thing is I talked to some members and everyone there is ok.

Well besides that, this week was fun. My comp went to Oaxaca to go to the temple, and pres told me I can do it one time before I go home!!! So I'll probably go in like 2 or 3 weeks and tell my converts from Rio Grande and maybe a couple other places to come too! Pres told me that I had permission to set something up with my converts to make sure they were there with me so that will be SUPER FUN!!!

Anyways, while my comp was in Oaxaca, I was with a new Elder who got here 2 weeks ago, and well that was when the earthquake happened, Fun! But we had a lot of good lessons and contacts. Found a really prepared new person to teach that has a lot of potential. We had a lot of random things going on this week, like zone conferences and so this week should be calmer. Also, that reminds me. There is a movie that came out from Disney called "Coco" and in Mexico, the missionaries got permission to see it, because of the Mexican culture that shows up in the movie. We saw it in the zone conference and it was AWESOME! I liked it a lot. It was very true to the culture that I have seen here in Oaxaca so that made it nice.

Anyways, have a good week!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, February 12, 2018


Well, I got sick again... But this time it is just a small throat thing... I am now speaking like batman... It was very interesting to give a 15-minute talk yesterday at church... So that was fun, but it all worked out.

But this week was a good week. I have learned that we need to make sure our area is an example for the others. We talked about that in the leadership meeting that we had this last week. And so we had to go to Oaxaca on Wednesday, which was fun! I also did exchanges with some other elders in the zone because they were having some troubles but we got it worked out and so we are hoping that it stays good!

Well, that was basically the whole week, it went by kinda fast so I hope that this next week I can get a lot more done in my area! But I'll actually be here this week so that will be good!

Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, February 5, 2018

Week 96: Lots of pictures!

So, this week has been packed, and this next week will be as well! We have to give away half of our area, and so we are a bit sad, but that is good because it means that there are more missionaries and each ward will have their own missionaries. But it was hard finding a house, but we found one and now we just need to sign the contract and it will be fine and dandy. But we also had 2 baptisms!!! So Let me talk about the pics first....

One is of our district! We will be having changes tomorrow so it will change (I know it is my last transfer, don't remind me)
2 are of the Baptism!!! Jesus (the little kid) and Guadalupe (his mom) got baptized!! It was amazing! Plus they got baptized super quick! Literally one month ago we found them and they went to church for the first time. I know that God has been preparing them and also that God has a huge plan for them that they are now beginning to understand! :)
2 are of hamburgers we ate to celebrate the baptism!! (Also Elder Verkler came down because he was doing divisions close by and so he stopped in for the baptism! And we went and ate some HUGE hamburgers afterwards.
The rest are of a family home evening!!! We made pizza with some recent converts who had stopped going to church for a while, and they TOTALLY went back on Sunday!

Also, Guadalupe and Jesus got confirmed! And we are a bit sad because they are in the ward that we are losing but it is cool because the church is true and they have a lot of work in their area.

Well, I gtg so have a great week!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, January 29, 2018

Week 95: I GOT SHOT! Well... Better put shots...

Well I got super sick last week. That was fun. NOT. I felt like I was just completely dying for a LONG time. Ok, not that long, and actually the week went by really quick... But, I only have 7 weeks before I go home... Wow... That is SUPER weird. I just won't think about that.

Anyways, because I was sick I really don't have any pictures, so that is sad... But we did do some divisions and even though I was sick I still worked in my area as much as I could!

Sadly though, President called on Wednesday and told us we had to find a house for some sister missionaries that are going to be taking over one of the two wards we are covering. I am kinda sad about that because they get the ward where more of our progressing investigators are.... But that is ok, I know that God has other people who are prepared to learn about the Gospel and who want to do the work of the Lord, they just don't know where to find it yet.

But this last week we have been working with the ward to find a house and while we still haven't gotten one for sure, miracles have helped us find some potential places!

Also, there is a new senior missionary couple here for welfare and they are super cool! I'll try and get a picture with them next week! They are in our ward that we get to keep and they are from California! But they are cool.

Anyways, I hope that all y'all have a great week and that we can all keep doing what God would have us do! :)
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, January 22, 2018

Week 94: Well, long but good week

So while this week felt very long it was also very good. There was a cold front that had been hitting us for a while and with a wind chill it was pretty chilli but now we are in the normal January Juchitan weather, or better known as WAYYY TOOOO HOOOOTTTTT. Well, it isn't as hot as the coast, why did I want to go out to the coast? Oh yeah, because it is AWESOME!!! But here is awesome as well, because we just had a BAPTISM ON SATUDAY!! His name is roberto. And although he has only been listening to the missionaries for 3ish months, he is SUPER READY. He has been through many trials, but with every single one he has come out on top, and even though for some stuff we had to postpone his baptism, we were able to help him get baptized.

But, this week has been a week of learning and lots of different challanges, trails, and blessings, but also miracles. I have learned so much in my time here in Oaxaca, and I can't wait to keep learrning! Not just here, but also for the rest of my life!

Anyways, I got some questions from the Bacon Family (shout-out to them for 1 writing me, and 2 have arguable the best last name known to mankind) and so I'll put the questions on here so everyone can see the answers I put, and if there are other questions feel free to ask!

  • Q: If you have learned a different language, what is it? 
    • A: Well, the language is Spanish, and it is an awesome language.
  • Q: How many families are you currently teaching? 
    • A: Well complete families like everyone in the family is listening to us probably like 4 or 5 but we have a lot of investigators that are just like a brother and a sister or an older married couple or a single brother, so in all we have about 14 investigators that are more or less progressing, and keeping their commitments.
  • Q: Who was your favorite companion, and where were they from? 
    • A: Definitly Elder Johnson. I trained him and we had a lot of success and a BLAST. And well he is from Provo, but I get along well with my mexican companions as well, I just got along best with him.
  • Q: What weird food have you eaten lately? 
    • A: Well last night I almost ate iguana. But we had already eaten twice and there was no space... But I had a soup with bugs in it! Extra protien!
  • Q: What are your post-mission plans? 
    • A : Well lots of stuff, such as study a lot, work a lot, be awesome, help my friends that are at home, date, well I could go on, but I'm focussing now in the stuff I have to do here, because I don't have a lot more time here, but don't tell anyone here that, they think I have a bit more than a year. I mean 22 months is just a little bit more than a year. (Time is relative right)
  • Q: Do you or your companion know how to play the piano? If so, what's your favorite song? 
    • A: No, but I am learning. I can play 2 hymns right now so I would say We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet.
  • Q: You or your companion good cooks? 
    • A: Yes, but we don't have a lot of time....
  • Q: How many people have you seen join the church on your mission? 
    • A: Well, I couldn't count all of the people I have seen and helped in some way join the church because I don't see how far my reach goes. But I do know that the Lord has sent me here for a reason, and that is to invite all to come unto Christ. And until I can sucessfully say I have invited ALL, I still have work to do. So speaking of that, I have got to go! Have a great week and I hope that y'all enjoy every day! 

Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Week 93: Well... Bye bye Verkler... :(

So on Saturday, we had special changes and Elder Verkler left to be the assistant! So now I am leading the area and TOTALLY getting lost. But it is fun. Now I am with Elder Olsen! Another American and we get along well so that is good. He brought a dart board so we are having fun with that.

Anyways, the pictures are of a water pong activity we did with the District leaders and some of our investigators. Roberto is in the picture with the both of us, and he is getting baptized soon. And Axle cut his hand open so we took a picture of him. He is just a kid, but his siblings will also get baptized soon! He is only 7 but in 3 months he turns 8 and he is also excited to be able to be baptized relatively soon!

Well, there really isn't much more to tell for now... I hope that y'all are all having a great time! And well this last week I got a taste of my own medicine... The mission secretary called me and asked what airport I want to g

o to. XP Well all good things come to an end, but the really great ones don't, so while I may not be here in Oaxaca too much longer, I do have a lot of work that is for me to do yet in the work of the Lord.

Till next week!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, January 8, 2018

Week 92: Lots of divisions...

Well, no pictures this week... I did do 2 days straight of exchanges, which we call divisions, because well that is the word we use in Spanish. But it was a lot of traveling for my comp and I and it was a bit annoying. But it was really fun! I learned a lot, and I hope I was able to help as well the Elders that I was with.

Also, I have been able to do a lot of fun stuff as zone leader. It is a bit stressful at times. But we are having fun. We had a baptism planned but we had to push it back for 2 weeks but we have others as well for 2 weeks from now. We are trying to get 8 this month, and 25 as a zone. It is a large increase from last month, but definitely a possibility. But as a zone, we have been trying to increase our new investigators so that everything can keep going uphill.

But we didn't have a lot of time today, so I gtg.... Talk to you next week
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca