Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 68: Hey! We went to the Guelaguetza!

The Guelaguetza is a huge cultural event here in Oaxaca that shows off the different cultures of Oaxaca, which was super awesome! Last Monday my comp and I had the chance to go, and it was super fun! I only got one pic because I forgot to charge my camera. But I'll try and steal pics from some others and then share them! We got in for free because we got up at like 4 in the MORNING TO leave way to early to stand in line... But we got good seats so I think it was worth it. But the other pictures are of a baptism that we had today and my scriptures that are falling apart.... But that is ok, it means I'm using them a lot! Also, I'll go and see if we can glue them together or something..

But this week I have been studying a lot in some Christ-like attributes, and I wanted to share a quote that I found on them that has to do with the scripture in 3rd Nephi 12:48   "Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect."

The quote is by Ezra Taft Benson, "Is it possible to be even as He is? The answer is Yes. Not only can we, but that is our charge, our responsibility. He would not give us that commandment if He did not mean for us to do it."

Really, we can achieve our divine heavenly potential of being like our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. It is something that will cost a lot. But we can achieve that potential if we maintain firm in the faith, enduring to the end. I know that if we really try our best to be like Christ, He will help us to achieve that potential.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 67: Changes!

So, I wrote this letter and saved it as a draft instead of sending it... Good thing I just realized XD

Well this week was changes so new missionaries arrived, but only 4 arrived. So that means that we had to close 5 AREAS! Kinda sad... But now I have an area that is about 3 times the size.... It is cool, we have a lot of cool members and investigators over there so it will be SUPER FUN! We were even able to get a new baptismal date put down in that area! But now instead of being 5 missionaries in our ward it is just my comp and I. So we have to trust a lot in the Lord and His miracles, because we have to be working in the offices for a while every day, and now we have a very large area. But, it is cool. I know that the Lord will help us.

Today we had an awesome activity with all the youth in the stake which was like a mini MTC (Missionary Training Center) And so we got to show them and train them how they can help other people and share the gospel! And even as normal youth with just their school friends and stuff. This week was pretty packed of stuff but a lot of it was boring office stuff and a few really awesome lessons that we were able to have. So I hope that we can get more time out of the offices this next week and keep our investigators progressing!

Well it wasn't a super different week so no pictures and it is kinda a short email, but yeah, that is it for now!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 65: WELL... Lots of stuff....

Ok, so, I had NO TIME last week because of the updating the offices, so sorry if I didn't get to respond to some people. Or if you were waiting on a letter and never got it. Sorry, I was able to write for like 15 or 20 minutes before I got kicked off for the entire day. But that is OK! Anyways, moving onward!

So for the pictures... Well actually I'll just go into the events of the last two weeks.
Ok, so first off, last week, man it feels like it was a year ago, we had the opportunity to do some service! But it wasn't like your normal get out your lawn tools or we are laying down concrete kind of service, we got to translate for some super cool Americans and build wheelchairs! Every two years, there is a group that comes down here to give wheel chairs to the needy and so this year they were working with Hope Haven West and so we had the chance to accommodate some 170 wheelchairs to the needy here in Oaxaca! I got to help translate, as well as build a few of the wheelchairs, with a guy named Don and another guy named Curtis. That was fun!! I put a couple pictures of that. I got to do it on Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

So the rest of last week wasn't terribly eventful. I did not get to not have much of a Pday last week because they were cleaning the offices and so I couldn't write, but I did get to talk to some converts from my first area! And next week they are coming up to the city to go to the temple, so I'll be able to see them probably!

But then this week got SUPER PACKED! The workers were working like overtime to get the job done before President Conde got here on Thursday, and then I had to do a bunch of stuff for the Madsen's before they left, and then the printers stopped working and then Conde showed up, and wow.

I am tired again just thinking about how long the week was... But President Madsen had his last zone conference with us, which was super great and where basically everyone cried, because when you are loosing a mission president it is like changing parents or something... It is weird.

But after we got to meet President Conde a little bit I decided he will help the mission A LOT! I know that he really is called of God and here for a reason. But this morning we got to say goodbye and send off President Madsen, and so we made a big sign and I put a picture of that as well!

So that was the last two weeks... It will be pretty different because of President Conde now but I know it will be good and we will be able to do the things the Lord has put us to do here.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Elder!

Hey Elder Loosle!

Hope you're doing well. Granted, we've no doubt you're killing it out there because of your solid upbringing and your family's love for the Utah State Aggies! (jokes)

Well, we're sitting around the table right now after church realizing we haven't been supporting our missionaries enough. So, we've asked the kids what questions they had for the missionaries we know. Here's what we came up with (mostly the kids!):

  • What's the craziest thing you've eaten so far? 
  • Have you been able to teach anyone who decided to get baptized? Any story you can tell us? 
  • Are there lots of kids in your ward?
  • Do peoples cell phones ring during church? 
  • Do you get to take hot showers or cold showers on your mission? 
  • Have you made any new friends there? 
  • Can you or your companion cook? Who cooks the most and what do you eat?
  • How is your Spanish? Have learned anything other than Spanish? 

Anyway, we're grateful for your service and hope and pray for our missionaries as a family. Hope you feel that support! Sending a pic of the family too so that you remember who we are (granted, I have a beard now... cause why not! Ha!).

Much love,
Jon and the rest of the Bacon's (Michelle, Marcus, Seth and Lucy)

So, first off, to answer the questions....

  • What's the craziest thing you've eaten so far? Well, here people eat grasshoppers with like a salsa and spices on it call chapulines. They don't taste that bad actually... Here's a link to a picture.
  • Have you been able to teach anyone who decided to get baptized? Any story you can tell us? Actually I've been blessed with a lot of success in that aspect. A baptism that we had recently was of a young girl who we found who was actually friends with some members, and had attended church before. She went to church with us, then to EFY (still as an investigator) and then a few weeks later got baptized! Now we are teaching her mom and she is preparing for her baptism on the 8th of July!
  • Are there lots of kids in your ward? There are a decent amount. We have about 100 to 115 that come out to church every week, like 15 being primary aged, another 10 being youth, and so while it is not extremely huge, we are still able to have them help us in the work!
  • Do peoples cell phones ring during church? Sometimes, and even sometimes during the sacrament! Goodness people, is it that hard to turn your phone off?
  • Do you get to take hot showers or cold showers on your mission? In some areas, my first two, I have only had cold water, but in this area and my last area I have had hot water. I even have a washer AND A DRYER now!!! Because I am in the offices, I can use the washer and dryer from here to wash my clothes.
  • Have you made any new friends there? A BUNCH!!! At first it was hard, for language and being super isolated from other missionaries, so I missed my friends at home a lot. But now I have a bunch of friends, and being a secretary has helped me get to know like almost every missionary! So, I really hope to have all of these friends after I go back home!
  • Can you or your companion cook? Who cooks the most and what do you eat? We both can cook, but he really likes cooking rice... And not much more. Bananas with cheese as well, that is boiled bananas. He has interesting tastes in food, but he is from Peru and that is what they eat in his home town. So it is fun! I normally make simple stuff, eggs, pancakes, some sort of chicken stuff, mac and cheese, but sometimes we get fancy
  • How is your Spanish? Have learned anything other than Spanish? Well, I've got Spanish down, thanks to a lot of practice and a lot of help from God. But the fun part about Oaxaca is that there are lots of little dialects that there are towns where they only speak that. Almost no Spanish. I learned a few words of a more popular one called Zapotec. Caadxi'ga' (Chawie chawie) means little by little.

So, thanks for the email! And I understand that while many times we might not write the missionaries, you can still support them in many other ways, like prayers and those are definitely felt from down here in Oaxaca! Thanks for everything!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 63: Lots of work here in the offices...

Well, this week there has been lots going on here in the offices but it has very little to do with my work as a secretary. While I do have work still, because we are getting ready to receive the new president, so there are a bunch of workers here in the offices who are making a bunch of renovations to the offices to make them look very nice for the new President Conde. For me it just means that we have to stay here while they are working, and while they are working on the computers and stuff I have to do other stuff, so one thing that we have done is shred A BUNCH OF PAPERS!! And so there are some pictures for y'all.

Anyways, well I have had a lot of thoughts recently about things that I am doing to try and get better, and while there are sometimes we just really feel like we are messing everything up, and we can't do anything right, God is always there to help us.

 I've been having some hard times with the office work here, and wanting to be able to get more time working in our area, but not being able to, and while a lot of times there are many things that can frustrate us, I know that God will always help us. If we have the desire to get better and make it back to Him, He will be there guiding us and encourage us. If we fall, He isn't going to beat us down so we can't get up, He will lead us on and help us up, so that we can keep on going. I have thought of it like a baby learning how to walk. We are all learning how to walk, but when we fall, like all babies do as they are trying to walk, their parents don't ask why did you fall and make them feel terrible for not being able to walk. They show them that they can get back up again. Help them to try again. Maybe to fall again, but to eventually through the loving help of loving parents, they can make it to walking, and even running, without having to worry about tripping over themselves. I know that we all have a loving Heavenly Father who will forgive you. And He will help you to reach your true potencial. I hope all y'all have a wonderful week and keep doing great things!

Thanks for the support! Have a great week!

Week 62: Wedding!

NOTE:  Jason wrote 2 emails this day:

Well, this week has been super fun! We were able to see a Mexican wedding (very different from weddings in the states) and help out some great people who will get baptized in this coming month!
So with the pictures, we to Monte Alban again and well I realized that on the 20 peso Mexican bill it has Monte Alban! So that is one picture.

Then I have a bunch of random Monte Alban pictures with other missionaries because ALL OF THE MISSIONARIES IN THE CITY went with us! We were like 70 missionaries almost!
We also had the wedding of Victor and Pati! They'll get baptized in a few weeks, but first they had to get married and now they want things to settle down to be sure of their decision. After the wedding, we helped set up for a party and I started making balloon animals and made a dog and a TURTLE!!! HOW COOL!

Before they got married we had a family home evening with them! That is a few of the other pics!

Anyways, this week has been pretty bust with a lot of office work and work for our area, but it is nice to have a calm Pday, where we are just relaxing to help us rest and finish up a bit of work we have here in the offices. Because the assistants are out of town, so it is just my comp and I and we didn't really feel like doing anything crazy. BUT!

I do have a super awesome experience I would like to share with all y'all. So, one of our investigators was robbed this last week and she was just completely furious and she was feeling like she didn't want to hear anything more of the gospel or anything because she just was angry and wanted to hurt the person that robbed her, because she had an idea of who it was. But she let us give her a blessing and bless her house so that she could be able to be more in tune to the spirit of God, and she told us the next morning, that saying that prayer with her daughter, who is a recent convert really helped her feel the relief she needed. Also we helped her learn how to read better! It really showed me the power of prayer and priesthood blessing. Really there are 2 ways that people work miracles, by faith and through the priesthood. And if we put them both together, we will be able to accomplish anything that God wants us to. Remember that there are loads of people who love y'all and want to help!

Have a great week!

Week 62: Ok, so I don't have a lot of time...

Well today we have a bunch of stuff planned so writing time kinda got shortened.... But that doesn't mean I don't care about y'all, it just means President wants do to a bunch of stuff and it is my comps birthday so we have loads of plans XD

Also, no pictures because my camera got stolen.... By the sister missionaries XD They were using my camera and then never gave it back to me because they accidentally put it in their bag... But that is Ok, they will give it back to me tomorrow...

But this week has overall been good! I have been trying to focus on what I can do to keep getting better, and well I learned last night in a FHE that we had, that you need to really put time into the people that you are with, whoever they be so that you can really be their friends and help them while they help you!

But for now, that is all, I may send another email later with more stuff but yeah, have a great week!