Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Well first off we are fine. This one hit puebla so Puebla and Mexico City got hit hard, and us in Huajuapan, being one of the bigger cities closest to Puebla also got hit pretty hard. Some houses fell down completely. A lot had parts that fell. My house and the other missionaries house has cracks, but it's all good, small cracks are just decorations! But when it happened I was in the other house of the missionaries because we had started divisions and we were planning and I was like FREAK!!! EARTHQUAKE! AND WE ARE ON THE 3RD STORY! And so I ran down those stairs VERY quick. It was strong here. I was with Elder Ellsworth and he had a hard time running because we were on the 3rd floor trying to get down, and he could feel the ground moving out of place under his feet. But the house didn't fall so we are fine. We got to the street and it kept quaking, but then it stopped and we found the other missionaries and did some service, and tried writing yesterday but we were COMPLETELY full of appointments. So I hope that no one was worried. I mean, I'm sure y'all all knew that I'm safe as a missionary and well even though it hit Puebla, the only part of Oaxaca where there was damage was here in Huajuapan. But I don't think anyone died here. Many fainted, but they are all fine! Lots of service opportunities now!!!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I have a big flag!!! Woohoo!! So with the pictures, two are of the Mexican night we had at church! And one is of Ismael's baptism!!!

So, I'll start off talking about Ismael a bit! He is a really good kid. He is 9 years old and for the past 3 years, him and his mom have been inactive because they had a problem with some other members, but they were really missing the blessings of church. So after the ward mission leader visited them once they said they would try and come back. Then we got here in Huajuapan, after there hadn't been missionaries for about a month, and we visited them. The first visit Ismael told us he wanted to get baptized and so we said, awesome! We'll put the date for the 16th! Because that is Mexican Independance day and HOW COOL IS THAT TO GET BAPTIZED ON YOUR COUNTRY'S BIRTHDAY!!!! AWESOME!!! So we had a decent amount of people show of to the baptism, but we had a HUGE turnout for the activity! It wasn't the best planned but we had 6 investigators that went and they all had fun so it is cool!

Anyways, I hope that everyone is having a great time! I know that the gospel that I am sharing with the world is really the gospel of Jesus Christ and the church that houses it is His church. We are all here in the earth for a purpose and God wants every single one of us to get back to his presence.

Something we have noticed here in Huajuapan is we have very few active members but we have a lot that haven't gone in a long time. So we are going to fix that and make this small little branch of Huajuapan a strong Stake in Zion!!!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, September 11, 2017

Week 75: One interesting week....

So this week has been a lot of well a lot of stuff and I have a few pictures first!
(Sorry none of earthquakes, no damage in huajuapan)

30 - (the last 2 digits of the picture number) RAINBOW! It was cool, and super huge so I took a picture of part of it!

31 - Mac and cheese! But homemade! Super tasty!

39 - Hot chocolate with the companion

41 - My comp's first tlayuda!

46 - When you ask your comp to take a picture of you and this is what shows up on your camera

48 & 59- I bought a flag! But I wanted a bigger one.... Also my comp didn't realize it was in black and white...

So, back to the serious stuff. This week has been a rough week for many people. With hurricanes and earthquakes and fires, one may think where is God in all of this destruction? Some people will say that he is not anywhere to be found, but I can testify that amist all of the darkness that we can see, there is a light. And there are miracles that are plain and clear to anyone who goes towards the light of Christ. If we trust in the Lord with all our heart, He will lead us to what we need to do, and we will be able to help others and ourselves if we just follow His teachings. I know that if we try our best, God will always confort us and we will always be able to make it back to Him. I hope the best for everyone out there and I want y'all to know that even though Mexican Independance day is coming up and I've got some hardcore Mexican pride going on, I'm not forgetting about the US and I am praying that everything goes well for everyone with all of the disasters that we have been seeing.

Keep up the good attitudes!
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Misión México Oaxaca

Buenos días, sabemos que ustedes están muy preocupados por el terremoto que paso en México anoche. Si, nos afectó aquí en Oaxaca, pero ya nos comunicamos con todos los Misioneros y todos están bien y en lugares seguros. Cuando los misioneros tengan tiempo, enviarán un correo electrónico a ustedes para verificar que están seguros.

Good morning, I know that you are all worried about the earthquake that hit Mexico last night. Yes we were affect by it here in Oaxaca, but we have talked with all of the missionaries and they are safe, and in safe places. When the missionaries get a chance they will email you to verify that they are safe.

Elder Hernandez
Secretario de Misión
Misión México Oaxaca
Oficina 951 514 2017
Cel. 951 109 8192

Friday, September 8, 2017

Just in case you heard

Just in case your heard about the quake... It was bad, but all the missionaries are safe. :)
Elder Loosle
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

Monday, September 4, 2017

Week 74: Really short week!!!

So, this last week, on Saturday the other 2 missionaries came to Huajuapan to start working in their area! So now we are sharing the area, and it is AWESOME! The branch is very ready to work, and give us references! We received like 7 at least this last week! And we had 8 new investigators! That may not be that much, but we are trying to get even more this week. We fasted yesterday and I fasted especially for my companion so that he can learn spanish quicker, and for our area. So that we can find 5 families that can progress to baptism before Elder Johnson and I are out of here. We have already found one family that is progressing decently, and we just received 2 families from references!

Anyways, with the picture... Yesterday was my companion Elder Johnsons birthday!!! So some members made him a cake!!! And so here is a picture! Then we sang him "las mañanitas" which is the longest and 2nd best birthday song ever. So, then he did the "mordida" which is a mexican tradition where you just take a big huge bit out of your cake! It is awesome!!! But yeah, that is about it this week. We are planning on finding a lot of new people this week, and president showed us a new way to contact people that I haven't tried and I am very anxious to try it! But for now that is about it. I'll keep y'all informed on how we are doing down here in Huajuapan, we have had a lot of rain from the hurricane, but nothing compared to Houston, so keep praying for them. And remember that God won't leave us alone. We just have to trust him.

Till next week!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 73: First week in Huajuapan...

Well, this has been a fun week!! First pictures. One is a cool pic that we took as the office staff in our house that I think looks cool. Then Elder Johnson, my new comp and I traveling to Huajuapan.

The view from the road.


So this week we have had a bunch of work, because this city is huge and we are the only missionaries. Ok, well it is about the size of St. George, but for 2 missionaries that is a LOT. So President calls me on Friday and is like, well I saw the city and realized we need more missionaries so find an apartment in the next few days so I can send you some other missionaries. And so I was happy because it means that we will be able to help the branch out here even more!!! And the missionaries that are coming is a newbie! And Elder Castro! He is one of my great friends, and he goes home with me so it will be a very awesome next few changes. I don't know how long I'll be here for, but for the time that God leaves me here, I will do everything I can to change this branch into a very strong part of a stake!!! WOOHHOO!!! ANIMO!!!

Just to inform y'all, we have a baptism in three weeks! We set the date two days ago and he is super exited! He has a lot to learn but is exited!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dear Loosle Family:

Through this letter we inform you that your son, Elder Loosle has been called to serve as a Trainer in the México Oaxaca Mission. He’ll have a deep and lasting influence in the development of the attitudes, habits and capabilities of his companion. The instructions the new missionary receives from him will strengthen him during his mission and I trust that your son will be an example to him.

There are high expectations for your son in this new assignment. A Trainer must be an example in every aspect; for example, by helping his companion to understand and to live the missionary principles in a way that he helps many people to come unto Christ.

I’m sure that your son will inspire his companion by following the Lord and rising to the high standards and expectations that He expects from them as his representatives.

I congratulate you for having raised a responsible son and I thank you for sending us a missionary with great attributes. I ask you to continue praying for him so that he can fulfil his new assignment in a manner pleasing to the Lord. Your son has all of my confidence, love and support while he continues his progress as a servant of the Lord.

Warm Regards,

Presidente Félix Conde Beltrán

Mexico Oaxaca Mission

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


So, as many people know, this is my last Pday as secretary! So I'll be writing on Mondays normally after this. But! I will be leaving the offices and going to..... Huajuapan de León! Technically the legit name of the city is Heroica Ciudad de Huajuapan de León, but we just call it Huajuapan for short. I was kinda hoping for the coast, but President wanted me to help out in the other part of the mission that is struggling and that he wants a lot stronger. It is part of the Sierra part of Oaxaca, or part of the mountains. SO IT GETS COLD!!! LIKE 0 DEGREES SOMETIMES! (ok, that is in Celsius, but still, I've been working in like really hot and humid so...)

Anyways, on to the pictures...

The Robins took us out to eat last Saturday to say farewell to me in the offices, IDK if I already sent that picture so sorry if I did.

My district! We have 2 sisters and 8 elders. It is fairly large, but my next district will be of 4 Elders. And my entire zone will have 8... So that will be a big change.

The last two are because the Robins and the other office Elders surprised me with a goodbye cake yesterday in the middle of the day! It was funny because we have a rat that lives here in the offices that is apparently HUGE! And so all of us have been trying to kill it with venom and stuff but I always joke about just hunting it down. So Sister Robins pretended to freak out and say that the rat had just gone into the kitchen, and so I run in with a frying pan to kill it, and then I see a bunch of balloons and a cake and I'm like.... Where's the rat? I was confused for a second. But it was fun.
So my aunt sent me some questions this last week, and I have the answers here to share with y'all!
Who has been your hardest companion and what did you learn from him? Well, I've had a few. Many of my companions have been great! But I've had a couple that I struggled a lot with. Probably the two most were my second companion and my companion that I had 2 months ago. My second companion because he was pretty prideful and didn't want to learn anymore of being a missionary and thought he knew almost everything. So from him I learned how to let people believe that they are right, and just let others win, and go with their way even when I know it won't work, but I have to let them understand it. My other companion that I struggled a lot with was one of my recent companions. We were together for 5 months, and that is a really long time. I mean I really learned how to love all people while I was with him, and see the good in everyone. He didn't like talking to me much and was a lot of times giving me a cold shoulder, but I learned how to see the good in everyone and love them.

Which companions do you think will be lifelong friends (ps. Most of mine are)? The funny thing is it is the missionaries that aren't my companions that I get along with really well! XD But now with 3 companions I get along with them all, and two of them are Americans so I'm definitely seeing them after the mission! One (Elder Hernandez) is even planning on going to Utah State!!! And well, even though Elder Knapp is going to BYU, I'll still go and visit to hang out with him. But also I have had some others from North Mexico, like Tijuana, that have been really cool! (Elder Solano) And I am totally planning on staying in touch with him!

What was your favorite area and why? Oh... That is really hard. Every area is different and has it's own blessings and difficult areas. Rio Grande was awesome just because it is the coast and where I started. Tehuantepec has a lot of culture. In Yagul, I was able to see a lot of big changes in my ward, even though I didn't see many baptisms, but here in La Noria, I have seen lots of progress and many converts! But I am exited for my next area because it will be the first place where it gets COLD!!!!
Was it the people, the geography or both? Well, I kinda just answered that.... And so my favorite is all of the above.

What has been the hardest thing to learn about yourself thus far? Probably self control, as well as self confidence. And a good balance of the both. Trusting in God means that we have to also trust in ourselves because He trusts us to do what is right, which is why we are here. But also, we have to show our self control and not get one, prideful, and two, not get into stuff the easy way. Because we might be able to get out of somethings like that, but it will never be as good as if we do it in God's way.

Well this letter got long... So all in all it was a good week! I'm exited for Huajuapan, and just to let y'all know, my emails may get a bit shorter and I may not respond as much, because I'll be more limited and I'll be paying for my internet time again.... XD

Have a great week!

Week 71: More questions!

Well the Bacon's emailed me some questions so I'll share them with y'all cuz they are fun questions! And if anyone else has questions, feel free to ask them and I can put them in next weeks email.

  • How are you and why? Well, I was super sick last Wednesday but now I feel AWESOME!! Just because I am back to normal basically, so I am not sure if that answered the question...
  • How do you stay motivated when times are tough?  It is something very hard. Especially when you can't control the situation that you are in, because other people are the reason for he tough times. But what I always fall back on is that I know that I have a God that loves me, and a Savior that gave His life for me. If I can be confident that I am trying my best to please them, then I can be happy while I do it too. 
  • How do you stay motivated knowing you're coming home soon? WELL, seeing how I still have a long time left in the mission, we will ignore that question, (Yes, that is how I deal with it, ignoring the fact.) (I'll worry about stuff at home when I get home.)
  • What's the weirdest food you've had? Have you ever turned down any food? Well, that is a hard question... Because it could be a lot, from insects called chicatanas and chapolines, to many different types of mole, to some stuff that I honestly don't even know what it was... So they were each weird in their own way. But if we like just finished eating and someone else offers us food, a lot of times we turn it down just because we are already stuffed. But because something was disgusting, no  I have not said no. I have always at least tried all the food that I've been given, and if I don't like it, I finish it and don't ask for more, and then avoid as much as I possibly can to eat it again, but there haven't been a lot of things that I have not like here so that is good!

Anyways, continuing with the pictures... One is of a cool hill. But if you look closely it looks like Groot is there! The other is of the Secretary who trained me, and then me with the new secretary I am training! Woohoo!

So, this week has been a bit hard with working 3 areas, but we are getting the hang of it and it is actually kind of fun! But, we will be only working one in just over a week so it'll be good. And by we I mean the secretaries, because I'll be going too....!!! *cue drum rool...* *dramatic pause* Who knows where. I figure out Monday, because President couldn't finish the changes with Elder Knapp on Thursday so on Monday they will finish, because then President goes out of town for a week until changes so he won't have another time to do them. BUT! It will be fun wherever I go.

Anyways, even though I will be leaving my area, I know it is the best, and I will be going to where God needs me. Once we can really trust God, He will  show us what we need to do and show us that He can trust us with many things! Remember, with small things, great things shall come to pass!

Week 70: Well I've heard of trios...

Well, special changes happened on Monday, and on Tuesday Elder Vasquez, the assistant to President, got moved to the zone leader in the coast, so the other AP is in a quartet with me, my comp Elder Mares, my comp and replacement Elder Hernandez. So it is very fun. I don't know of other missionaries who have a companionship of 4, and we'll be like this for 3 weeks with one assistant. It'll be interesting. BUT SUPER FUN!!!!

Also, I'd like to thank my family for the package and the stuff they sent me! I didn't attach a picture of the package but I did attach a lot of pictures this week! So, to describe them I'll put the number that is the last 2 digits of the attachment.

29 & 32 - My 3 comps and I eating lunch on the roof of a members house. It was like a tuna salad thing but I don't have a picture of that...

33 - Just a random cool church we found in Etla searching for the Nacho Libre church.

64 & 65 - WE FOUND THE CHURCH FROM NACHO LIBRE!!! And there were a few random toilets outside so we had to take pictures! But that is a trail that lead to the church. I'm pretty sure it was used in a running scene but I haven't seen the movie in a while....

71 & 73 - We went to a place called "pasillo de carne asada" for Elder Knapp's birthday! They sang to him to, a very Mexican birthday song! It was fun!

Then we went shopping and stuff and it was and it was a good pday.

Anyways, this week has been really interesting and hard but my time in the offices is coming to an end and I'm gonna end it with a good finish. I'll finish strong and I'll make sure my replacement feels better then I did when I came in, as well as has a better ward than when I got here. I hope that he can have a lot of success in this area, because really I have come to love these people over the last 6 months. And so I want them all to have all the blessings that God has prepared for them!

So, with that, remember that God loves y'all, and that Jesus Christ is going to always help us reach our divine potential. Doesn't matter if we mess up, He will love us and want us to come back. So with that, until next week! :)

Week 69: Well, the office life is coming to a close...

So this week president did special changes, because my replacement is going to be coming up on Tuesday! Fun stuff! Also I had my first interviews with President Conde, and he is a really good president. He didn't tell me where I am going, but he did let me know that he has lots of plans for the mission and has high hopes for me to help him reach those plans.

Anyways, the picture I sent is the back of a shirt that I put an Elder Loosle logo thingy on! But yeah, we have a member that is a graphic designer in our ward and so he made us some prints to put on shirts and stuff!

But that was basically the only stuff that was interesting that happened this week..... I have to end my pday early because we are doing visits with the young men so I'll talk to y'all next week! Sorry it is short... Not much to say this week.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 68: Hey! We went to the Guelaguetza!

The Guelaguetza is a huge cultural event here in Oaxaca that shows off the different cultures of Oaxaca, which was super awesome! Last Monday my comp and I had the chance to go, and it was super fun! I only got one pic because I forgot to charge my camera. But I'll try and steal pics from some others and then share them! We got in for free because we got up at like 4 in the MORNING TO leave way to early to stand in line... But we got good seats so I think it was worth it. But the other pictures are of a baptism that we had today and my scriptures that are falling apart.... But that is ok, it means I'm using them a lot! Also, I'll go and see if we can glue them together or something..

But this week I have been studying a lot in some Christ-like attributes, and I wanted to share a quote that I found on them that has to do with the scripture in 3rd Nephi 12:48   "Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect."

The quote is by Ezra Taft Benson, "Is it possible to be even as He is? The answer is Yes. Not only can we, but that is our charge, our responsibility. He would not give us that commandment if He did not mean for us to do it."

Really, we can achieve our divine heavenly potential of being like our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. It is something that will cost a lot. But we can achieve that potential if we maintain firm in the faith, enduring to the end. I know that if we really try our best to be like Christ, He will help us to achieve that potential.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 67: Changes!

So, I wrote this letter and saved it as a draft instead of sending it... Good thing I just realized XD

Well this week was changes so new missionaries arrived, but only 4 arrived. So that means that we had to close 5 AREAS! Kinda sad... But now I have an area that is about 3 times the size.... It is cool, we have a lot of cool members and investigators over there so it will be SUPER FUN! We were even able to get a new baptismal date put down in that area! But now instead of being 5 missionaries in our ward it is just my comp and I. So we have to trust a lot in the Lord and His miracles, because we have to be working in the offices for a while every day, and now we have a very large area. But, it is cool. I know that the Lord will help us.

Today we had an awesome activity with all the youth in the stake which was like a mini MTC (Missionary Training Center) And so we got to show them and train them how they can help other people and share the gospel! And even as normal youth with just their school friends and stuff. This week was pretty packed of stuff but a lot of it was boring office stuff and a few really awesome lessons that we were able to have. So I hope that we can get more time out of the offices this next week and keep our investigators progressing!

Well it wasn't a super different week so no pictures and it is kinda a short email, but yeah, that is it for now!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 65: WELL... Lots of stuff....

Ok, so, I had NO TIME last week because of the updating the offices, so sorry if I didn't get to respond to some people. Or if you were waiting on a letter and never got it. Sorry, I was able to write for like 15 or 20 minutes before I got kicked off for the entire day. But that is OK! Anyways, moving onward!

So for the pictures... Well actually I'll just go into the events of the last two weeks.
Ok, so first off, last week, man it feels like it was a year ago, we had the opportunity to do some service! But it wasn't like your normal get out your lawn tools or we are laying down concrete kind of service, we got to translate for some super cool Americans and build wheelchairs! Every two years, there is a group that comes down here to give wheel chairs to the needy and so this year they were working with Hope Haven West and so we had the chance to accommodate some 170 wheelchairs to the needy here in Oaxaca! I got to help translate, as well as build a few of the wheelchairs, with a guy named Don and another guy named Curtis. That was fun!! I put a couple pictures of that. I got to do it on Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

So the rest of last week wasn't terribly eventful. I did not get to not have much of a Pday last week because they were cleaning the offices and so I couldn't write, but I did get to talk to some converts from my first area! And next week they are coming up to the city to go to the temple, so I'll be able to see them probably!

But then this week got SUPER PACKED! The workers were working like overtime to get the job done before President Conde got here on Thursday, and then I had to do a bunch of stuff for the Madsen's before they left, and then the printers stopped working and then Conde showed up, and wow.

I am tired again just thinking about how long the week was... But President Madsen had his last zone conference with us, which was super great and where basically everyone cried, because when you are loosing a mission president it is like changing parents or something... It is weird.

But after we got to meet President Conde a little bit I decided he will help the mission A LOT! I know that he really is called of God and here for a reason. But this morning we got to say goodbye and send off President Madsen, and so we made a big sign and I put a picture of that as well!

So that was the last two weeks... It will be pretty different because of President Conde now but I know it will be good and we will be able to do the things the Lord has put us to do here.

Have a great day!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hello Elder!

Hey Elder Loosle!

Hope you're doing well. Granted, we've no doubt you're killing it out there because of your solid upbringing and your family's love for the Utah State Aggies! (jokes)

Well, we're sitting around the table right now after church realizing we haven't been supporting our missionaries enough. So, we've asked the kids what questions they had for the missionaries we know. Here's what we came up with (mostly the kids!):

  • What's the craziest thing you've eaten so far? 
  • Have you been able to teach anyone who decided to get baptized? Any story you can tell us? 
  • Are there lots of kids in your ward?
  • Do peoples cell phones ring during church? 
  • Do you get to take hot showers or cold showers on your mission? 
  • Have you made any new friends there? 
  • Can you or your companion cook? Who cooks the most and what do you eat?
  • How is your Spanish? Have learned anything other than Spanish? 

Anyway, we're grateful for your service and hope and pray for our missionaries as a family. Hope you feel that support! Sending a pic of the family too so that you remember who we are (granted, I have a beard now... cause why not! Ha!).

Much love,
Jon and the rest of the Bacon's (Michelle, Marcus, Seth and Lucy)

So, first off, to answer the questions....

  • What's the craziest thing you've eaten so far? Well, here people eat grasshoppers with like a salsa and spices on it call chapulines. They don't taste that bad actually... Here's a link to a picture.
  • Have you been able to teach anyone who decided to get baptized? Any story you can tell us? Actually I've been blessed with a lot of success in that aspect. A baptism that we had recently was of a young girl who we found who was actually friends with some members, and had attended church before. She went to church with us, then to EFY (still as an investigator) and then a few weeks later got baptized! Now we are teaching her mom and she is preparing for her baptism on the 8th of July!
  • Are there lots of kids in your ward? There are a decent amount. We have about 100 to 115 that come out to church every week, like 15 being primary aged, another 10 being youth, and so while it is not extremely huge, we are still able to have them help us in the work!
  • Do peoples cell phones ring during church? Sometimes, and even sometimes during the sacrament! Goodness people, is it that hard to turn your phone off?
  • Do you get to take hot showers or cold showers on your mission? In some areas, my first two, I have only had cold water, but in this area and my last area I have had hot water. I even have a washer AND A DRYER now!!! Because I am in the offices, I can use the washer and dryer from here to wash my clothes.
  • Have you made any new friends there? A BUNCH!!! At first it was hard, for language and being super isolated from other missionaries, so I missed my friends at home a lot. But now I have a bunch of friends, and being a secretary has helped me get to know like almost every missionary! So, I really hope to have all of these friends after I go back home!
  • Can you or your companion cook? Who cooks the most and what do you eat? We both can cook, but he really likes cooking rice... And not much more. Bananas with cheese as well, that is boiled bananas. He has interesting tastes in food, but he is from Peru and that is what they eat in his home town. So it is fun! I normally make simple stuff, eggs, pancakes, some sort of chicken stuff, mac and cheese, but sometimes we get fancy
  • How is your Spanish? Have learned anything other than Spanish? Well, I've got Spanish down, thanks to a lot of practice and a lot of help from God. But the fun part about Oaxaca is that there are lots of little dialects that there are towns where they only speak that. Almost no Spanish. I learned a few words of a more popular one called Zapotec. Caadxi'ga' (Chawie chawie) means little by little.

So, thanks for the email! And I understand that while many times we might not write the missionaries, you can still support them in many other ways, like prayers and those are definitely felt from down here in Oaxaca! Thanks for everything!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 63: Lots of work here in the offices...

Well, this week there has been lots going on here in the offices but it has very little to do with my work as a secretary. While I do have work still, because we are getting ready to receive the new president, so there are a bunch of workers here in the offices who are making a bunch of renovations to the offices to make them look very nice for the new President Conde. For me it just means that we have to stay here while they are working, and while they are working on the computers and stuff I have to do other stuff, so one thing that we have done is shred A BUNCH OF PAPERS!! And so there are some pictures for y'all.

Anyways, well I have had a lot of thoughts recently about things that I am doing to try and get better, and while there are sometimes we just really feel like we are messing everything up, and we can't do anything right, God is always there to help us.

 I've been having some hard times with the office work here, and wanting to be able to get more time working in our area, but not being able to, and while a lot of times there are many things that can frustrate us, I know that God will always help us. If we have the desire to get better and make it back to Him, He will be there guiding us and encourage us. If we fall, He isn't going to beat us down so we can't get up, He will lead us on and help us up, so that we can keep on going. I have thought of it like a baby learning how to walk. We are all learning how to walk, but when we fall, like all babies do as they are trying to walk, their parents don't ask why did you fall and make them feel terrible for not being able to walk. They show them that they can get back up again. Help them to try again. Maybe to fall again, but to eventually through the loving help of loving parents, they can make it to walking, and even running, without having to worry about tripping over themselves. I know that we all have a loving Heavenly Father who will forgive you. And He will help you to reach your true potencial. I hope all y'all have a wonderful week and keep doing great things!

Thanks for the support! Have a great week!