Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 43: Changes...

Well there was a worldwide conference for all the missionaries last wednesday, well a transmission, and there have been some changes in the schedule, but even though a lot of people are saying it is a huge difference, I feel like it is almost the same. Just changed up when we do a few things. But, I think it is for the better. I think it will be able to help a lot of missionaries be a lot better!

But besides that there wasn't a lot that happened this week... So I don't have any pictures. But I do have a fun experience. This week we were trying really hard to help our investigators make it to church and so we were trying to help them commit and we had a lot that said they would go! But when Sunday came, we went to get them and one by one they all fell through. I felt really bad arriving at church without any investigators, but then after we got to church we saw that one of the members was able to bring a family and so we actually were able to have more investigators at church than we planned and hoped for! So I know if we are doing what God wants and keeping the commandments, He will always bless us and give us everything that we need.

I know that it is sometimes hard to get everything done that we need to do, but as we take things, one thing at a time, God will always help us and we can do it all!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 42: Well, I'm a step-dad!

Lol, Step dad means that (in missionary language) I finished training someone that a different missionary started training! But in the 3 month training period, I only got to train for 3 days, because well, special changes and my companion got here early so well I was a step dad for 3 days, but it counts! I am still senior companion so that is different and fun, because well I get to help my comp become the missionary that he wants to be! But I don't have a lot of time so no pics, just a quick summary....
So we had an awesome program called if you listen with your heart and I got to sing a bunch and also do a super awesome sketch! But besides that Elder Lopez left the city for Salina Cruz and I got my new companion, Elder Solano. He is super cool, and we get along great! I'll explain more next week, I promise, it is just hard to have time when there are changes...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week 41: Well, looks like we are going to start knocking doors!

Ok, well not start knocking doors, because we have been doing that, but we have had to drop some investigators, because we just couldn't find them. But to start with the knocking doors, here's a pic of me knocking doors! I wonder why nobody answered... (Just kidding, it is an empty

lot with a door so I wanted to knock that door just in case someone was hiding behind the tree or something XD)
But the other pics are of my district and a visit to the temple! We went planning on doing baptisms (If there are any questions about temple for non-Mormons, go to or and search for temples) But there is a rule for Elders that we can't do baptisms when there are women that will be there as well, who knows why but that is ok, we got to do other fun stuff instead! And actually the pics aren't loading and so I think I'll have to get rid of a couple maybe

But anyways, this week we haven't been feeling like we have been able to have the success we have wanted in our area.... So my comp and I had a companionship inventory and have identified three ways that we will be better to achieve the success that we want and to really magnify our callings as missionaries. But we talked about some goals in the ward council meeting and so I want to share something from that. We were setting goals for this year and we were going to put a goal, but then one of the members said that that goal had no faith. We weren't trusting in the Lord with that goal, just in our own strength. So after talking and praying we raised it. A lot actually, but I know that if we trust in the Lord we will make it. And, so the invitation I want to leave with y'all is that you can rethink all of your new year's goals, and then pray about them and ask if you are putting enough trust in the Lord. He will tell you if you need to change it. That is a promise, but you have to change it to match His will so that we can all be the best people we can be!

¡Hasta luego! (Talk to you later!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week 40: Another week down!

Well this week felt really fast, but I don't know if the weeks get any slower.... 

But there are no photos this week because the week was a bit boring... But that is ok!

So, this week I had an interesting experience. Because I felt kinda sick I wasn't really on the top of my game all week, but yesterday I felt like there are so many ways that we can better ourselves and so many things we can all do to help others! So I made a goal to try to be the best me that I can be every day. And to finish my day, I look at the times where I was able to do that! And then try to find one more time the next day to be the best I can!

And well I hope that y'all can do that too! I know this message was short so sorry for that but it was a boring week... XP The only different thing we had was today we ate some really good hamburgers!

Have a great week! 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 39: Well, it wasn't a white Christmas, BUT!!!

It was a white 30th of December! Not because it snowed, but because we baptized Julian! Those are 2 of the pictures!
The other two of of the temple in Oaxaca! I didn't go in on Friday, but we did buy some stuff at the temple store!
Anyway, this week is short because there is not much time... But this week was a good week overall! We had a baptism! But were not able to have a lot of lessons because of the holidays, but that is ok because this week we should be able to have more!!!!
Anyways, this week I have really recognized that with the new year it is a good time to better ourselves and find out in what ways we can really make ourselves become more like Jesus Christ. So I know that all y'all have resolutions already, but I want to leave y'all with one more. Every one of y'all needs to find one thing that you can do, to become more like Jesus Christ. If you need to do some soul searching ALL THE BETTER! But you need to write down one thing you will change, or do this year on a paper and put that this is your gift to Jesus for this next Christmas. Then put it in a safe place until Christmas and we will all see how well we did. Don't worry, this Christmas that is coming I'll still be here in the mission so if you  forget I'll send y'all an email to remind you XD

But anyways, have a great week and talk to y'all later!