Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 29: No time!!!!

AHHH! Almost out of time! So short and sweet. Hope these photos attach. Anyway, Photos are of BAPTISMS!!! 3 of them! Ok 2, but one of them 2 got baptized. Also zone meeting, and my district! My zone is the selfie.
And well first I want to talk about the baptisms. We had 3 people get baptized on Saturday, 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

First, in the morning my companion baptized Arelette. She is 19 years old and awesome. She has been receiving

lessons for the past like 3 months and we just learned her dad is REALLY REALLY inactive, but still a member!
In the evening we baptized Reyna, an 8 year old girl and her mom Maria Guadalupe! They have recently had a lot of problems, with her spouse (now ex-spouse) a heavy drinker but their baptism also had problems with the font.... so we didn't baptize her until like 8 o'clock at night but they both we baptized and I got to baptize Maria Guadalupe! It was a really neat baptism!
Nothing more this week cuz there is no more time, but with that have a good week!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 28: Wow... I was right....

This week was SUPER FAST! I feel like yesterday was PDAY! But today was a good PDay. But...

That is OK! Seguimos con las FOTOS! (Let's continue with the PHOTOS!)

Well one is a cat and me, the cat belongs to a recent convert, well more like a kitten, I like animals, and the kitten well I don't think it likes pictures...

Also, a nice view of my area, Guiengola. I dare you to try to pronounce that.  Also, we found a friend! We didn't name him, but he is a scorpion. He also might be a she, who knows, but it is dead because my companion REALLY doesn't like scorpions. Actually my companion says it is not a scorpion, because it has a different name in Spanish but I think the name is still scorpion in English. There are 3 photos of the scorpion we found in our house.

And the last photo is of me sleeping with a ukulele on my face... Missionaries do weird things when other missionaries fall asleep.

Anyways, this week was awesome! We found a lot of people to teach, even though a lot of other people we found are not interested... But, we also almost had the cops called on us, because we were trying to talk to someone that we had set up an appointment, and then her neighbor came out, she is REALLY OLD, and asked us what we are doing.

When we said we were missionaries, she didn't hear us so we moved closer because we were like 20 feet away. She FREAKED OUT. And was like, AHH WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?! Like we were going to rob her... But we told her we are only here to share a message about Jesus Christ, and then she told us we can't go around to people's houses and do things like that, that is why people get killed... I don't know what was happening with her that day, but we left because she said she was going to look for her phone to call the cops. So even though we didn't do anything, we had an interesting experience at least. And then... Well we talked with some other people that are actually interested!

But... this week we are going to have 3 baptisms! And so that will be great! 2 are part of a family that has been to church a lot and has been investigating the church for a while, but because the husband has a drinking problem, his wife has a hard time making it to church every Sunday. And the other is a really awesome young woman, who will be the first baptized in her family but her brother and mom are going to follow in her footsteps hopefully in a few weeks! The other family has a lot of friends who are members but they will also be the first baptized in their family!

Ok, that is about it for this week, I hope to hear from y'all next week and don't forget to always ask the Lord for direction!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 27: And he rounds the first corner!

Well, I have completed 6 months in my mission and I am wondering what happened to the time... If anyone knows a guy that can slow down the time just a little bit I'd like his number.... Actually his email, cuz I can't call him XD

But really, these past 6 months have been incredible, tiring, awesome, incredibly spiritual and amazing. I'm so glad that I have another 18 to go to finish. And I will enjoy every second of that time that I can. Even if I'm fasting in the hot sun, or trudging through hard rain, because even though I am not perfect, my Heavenly Father will always help me through all of my trials if I keep trying with all of my strength.

Ok, now that we finished the mushy part of the letter, PHOTOS! Sorry only 2 this week, not a lot of new things happened... But it was fun! I got to eat a whole fish, so I took a picture of that.
And I got hungry so I bought ICE CREAM! This was the first time I bought ice cream so I had to take a picture. Well first time in my mission. And the first time in Mexico I bought ice cream. Mn'M's ice cream too! It was good and I'll finish it probably tonight.

But, back to the important stuff. This week we tried really hard to get in lots of lessons! And we did! Almost 30, which is good for this area. But, the rough news is that 3 people who had baptismal dates, we haven't been able to find them in their house :O So sadly their dates we had to drop. And it is also REALLY hard to get the investigators to come to church out here, even if they have come like 15 times before and have a baptismal date for next Saturday. So, we are going to work with them especially hard this week, because we all need to go to church.
That means you too. Everyone is going to church this sunday! WOOHOO! HOORAH!

Ok, continuing. I know I probably misspelled that. This week was really good because we were able to find a new family who is interested a little and has a nephew in the mission! How cool! And also we are trying to get the help of the members, and they are really starting to want to help! I realized that I was kind of lazy with helping the missionaries back home... So tell them I said sorry if you get the chance. Because if every member went out with the missionaries one time a month or gave a referral to the missionaries one time a month the missionaries would be SOOOOOOOO GRATEFUL. So there is some advice if you want to help the missionaries out but don't know how.

And so I think I'll end this letter with a mandate to everyone reading this to go and look back over general conference. I listened to the talk 4th floor, last door, by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, given in the Women's conference, the Hermanas in my district told me I had to listen to it because it was good. And it is really good. But you don't have to listen to it. You just have to listen to one of the talks again. And you get to  pick! How great is that homework!

So until next week, (which with the way time is flying for me, it will probably be tomorrow XD)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 26: I have a small problem......

my district at the BEACH!

Well, anyone who is wondering what my problem is for the subject line, you'll have to wait a second. BECAUSE FIRST IS PHOTOS!

One picture is of my district at the BEACH! We are underneath an umbrella and it is 4 Sister missionaries and 2 Elders and one of them is me. The other is my companion, Elder Velazquez. The Hermanas are Hermana Perdue(above the other Sisters), and (from left to right) Hermana Paz, Hermana Salgado, and Hermana Ascencion. The companions are Hermana Paz/Hermana Salgado and Hermana Perdue with Hermana Ascencion.
picture of me with a bunch of elders,

One picture of the beach from the zone activity.

One picture of me with a bunch of elders, (from left to right) Elder Velazquez(my companion) Elder Robbins(above and American), Elder SeaƱez(my trainer, and zone Leader right now, with his backpack) and Elder Castro.

"Education is the way on the right"
and the scripture that says,
"I am the way, the light, and the truth.
No one cometh to the Father, but through me." 

One photo of 2 signs right next to each other in Spanish, well 2 things painted on the wall. Translated it says, "Education is the way on the right" and the scripture that says, "I am the way, the light, and the truth. No one cometh to the Father, but through me." I am sorry if that is not how the scripture in John 14:6 is in English because I literally just did a rough translation. But I thought it was funny because there are only 2 ways, Jesus and the way of the world.... Just kidding! Education is GREAT!


Also, there is one photo of some insects that were a desert to one of my lunches! YUM! Thanks to Brother Brady, I fear no insects going into my stomach!

picture of me with a really weird tie

Ok, this picture of me with a really weird tie is what I found in a package that my family sent me. I used that tie for General Conference! I am very glad to have my family, exactly how they are in every weird way that they are. :) (But the question that is haunting me is what strange thing will come in my next package...) (And where in the world do you find that tie?)

Ok, the other photo is of a party we had for Elder Castro for his BIRTHDAY! We got CAKE! And it was fun.

And the last photo is TEAM GRINGO! Or team American! Because we got to watch conference all by ourselves in ENGLISH! I didn't know  that is a rule of the mission you need to watch conference in your language.

And that last photo leads into my problem. No, it doesn't have to do with the girls there, it is the fact that we tried to speak English AND OUR ENGLISH WAS REALLY BAD.... Thanks to the fact that I haven't spoken much English I have a hard time speaking it. I understand it perfectly but I was trying to speak English with my companion to help his English and it is really hard for me to only speak English. So I'm apologizing in advance for the phone calls my family will have to suffer through....
But this week was really good, but I don't have much more time so I gtg! I was reading Mormon 1 and it is really interesting to see all the things that Mormon went through at such a young age....
But until next week and to all of you, look back on General Conference because it was REALLY AWESOME!