Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 28: Wow... I was right....

This week was SUPER FAST! I feel like yesterday was PDAY! But today was a good PDay. But...

That is OK! Seguimos con las FOTOS! (Let's continue with the PHOTOS!)

Well one is a cat and me, the cat belongs to a recent convert, well more like a kitten, I like animals, and the kitten well I don't think it likes pictures...

Also, a nice view of my area, Guiengola. I dare you to try to pronounce that.  Also, we found a friend! We didn't name him, but he is a scorpion. He also might be a she, who knows, but it is dead because my companion REALLY doesn't like scorpions. Actually my companion says it is not a scorpion, because it has a different name in Spanish but I think the name is still scorpion in English. There are 3 photos of the scorpion we found in our house.

And the last photo is of me sleeping with a ukulele on my face... Missionaries do weird things when other missionaries fall asleep.

Anyways, this week was awesome! We found a lot of people to teach, even though a lot of other people we found are not interested... But, we also almost had the cops called on us, because we were trying to talk to someone that we had set up an appointment, and then her neighbor came out, she is REALLY OLD, and asked us what we are doing.

When we said we were missionaries, she didn't hear us so we moved closer because we were like 20 feet away. She FREAKED OUT. And was like, AHH WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?! Like we were going to rob her... But we told her we are only here to share a message about Jesus Christ, and then she told us we can't go around to people's houses and do things like that, that is why people get killed... I don't know what was happening with her that day, but we left because she said she was going to look for her phone to call the cops. So even though we didn't do anything, we had an interesting experience at least. And then... Well we talked with some other people that are actually interested!

But... this week we are going to have 3 baptisms! And so that will be great! 2 are part of a family that has been to church a lot and has been investigating the church for a while, but because the husband has a drinking problem, his wife has a hard time making it to church every Sunday. And the other is a really awesome young woman, who will be the first baptized in her family but her brother and mom are going to follow in her footsteps hopefully in a few weeks! The other family has a lot of friends who are members but they will also be the first baptized in their family!

Ok, that is about it for this week, I hope to hear from y'all next week and don't forget to always ask the Lord for direction!

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