Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 38: CHRISTMAS!!!!

Well Christmas was yesterday! It was good to talk with my family! And fun to see that they are doing well!

Ok, so the pictures
3 are of the dinner we had on Christmas eve! Tacos durados YUMMM! And CAKE!
One is of me with a moto taxi that an investigator has, and the other is part of the package that my family sent! This big blog of gummi used to be little bicycles


But this week was rough. We were not able to have a lot of lessons because everyone was gone for the holidays and well the people that were home, didn't want to listen to us because they were 1) drunk, 2)with their families or friends 3) 1 and 2

But that is ok, because we were able to find some people home! And also we had a multi-zone activity, with all the missionaries in the city!!! THERE WERE LIKE 75 MISSIONARIES!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT MANY MISSIONARIES SINCE I STARTED MY MISSION ALMOST!!! But it was super fun! We did the 12 days of christmas Oaxaca style! And I got to be part of it with my trainer Elder SeaƱez! That was really fun!

Anyways, about out of time, so I hope that you all know that I am having a great time out here and I hope the best for all of you! I know that we can all finish the year great and start it even better! Have a great new year!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 37: Well, it is cold... Well relatively...

Wow! It gets like in the 40's at night sometimes! I actually have to use a blanket! Well if we leave the windows open, which is what we normally do. But this last week has been really fun!

But before everything else.... PHOTOS!!!

Well, one of them is my new comp and I! Elder Lopez and Elder Loosle! Ready to take on all challenges that the Yagul area will bring!


Lol, my companion fell asleep on the floor XD

Idk if you can read the sign on the back of the bus but it is the mormon ad but also it is in spanish... But it is a mormon ad for CHRISTMAS!

This is part of my area from one of the higher parts of my area (My area goes from the bottom to the top of the hill)

During the meeting with Neil L. Anderson, I found two people from my first area Rio Grande!

And the last one is the meeting with Paul B. Piper from the quorum of the 70.

Ok, well this week has been full of fun, spiritual, and really difficult experiences. It was hard to leave my old area to two sister missionaries that I don't know, but I know they are supposed to be there and they are doing great things!

But anyway, now, I am in the CITY!!! There are about 3 million people in the city of Oaxaca, and I have a reasonably small area. Not that small but smaller then I have had before, like I actually have limits in every direction that I can walk to! But I need a lot of time. Because our ward is the side of a mountain!!! After Thursday, my legs were aching a lot for all of the climbing up and going down, but I am starting to get accustomed to it! We have a baptism for the 31 of december and we were able to put 2 more baptismal dates down for this January, so that makes 3 baptismal dates that we have right now... They told me that in the city you don't have a lot of baptisms... But I have faith that the Lord will help me to help every person that I am here to help, and I know that even though it may be a bit harder to help people progress, I am willing to work harder.

Anyways, this week I have to wash my clothes by hand again... :( I miss my washing machine... But that is ok, because I have......


Man, I forgot how nice it is to have hot water. I really apreciate it with the cooler mornings here!

Also, Merry Christmas! Because I will not be online to send another email till the 26th XD But, Christmas will be fun here in the city! I'll even get to video chat my family! Even with one of them with a broken collar-bone XD (Adam... -.-)

But I hope y'all have a great Christmas and always remember to put MAS (more) CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 36: Well, I got moved....

So.... Transfers were today and both my companion and I left!!!

There was a problem with an area that had sister missionaries so they are moving sisters into Guiengola, because it is more relaxed, less problems and other elders are going to an area in Salina Cruz.

But I am in the city of Oaxaca! My area is called Yagul. Lots of hills. Which is not great because I don't have a toenail right now... I had an ingrown toenail and 3 days ago the doctor ripped it off! So I am without a toenail but the pictures will wait till later, and the response to all the emails, sorry not enough time right now only like 10 minutes.

But I got to meet Elder Neil L. Anderson, and have 2 meetings with him, as well as find some of my friends (Members and converts) from Rio Grande! So again, pictures will come later. Also someone in my family tell Aunt Diane that Elder Anderson says Hi.

Oh speaking of meeting up with people, I got to see Hermana Aden and catch up with her a little bit when I got here, and that was fun because we were in the same district in the CCM.

But yeah with that I gtg, because well it is time to do the Lord's work so I might have a bit more time tomorrow or maybe not... IDK So don't expect another email but don't be surprised if it happens.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week 35: Baptisms, exchanges, and ingrown toenails OH MY!

Well this last week was one of the longer weeks and harder weeks. My companion and I have helped with more baptisms this transfer than I can count but we haven't had any this transfer and the investigators that were going to be baptized this next week, are going to be gone until the middle of January and so we had to change their baptismal date to January. It has been really rough seeing the other missionaries with a lot of baptisms and while it was a bit of a downer, we are working really hard to keep up the excitement for the work because I know that even if we have to wait a bit longer to see success, we will see it.

Because we are 3 missionaries right now working in 2 areas that are about 45 minutes apart (walking, 15 minutes in public transportation, and like 15 pesos each one) we have been trying to do exchanges with members and leaders, youth and whatever person was willing almost, because in Elder Castro's area, he had 2 baptisms last week. But they went well and after all of that we were able to see them baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday. And we helped with two other baptisms this last week and still two others the week before. Actually I've baptized 2 people in the last 2 weeks that I didn't even know until I baptized them! It was different and interesting but cool.

Also fun things this week is I found out I got another ingrown toenail! :D I have pics but I'll spare y'all the view, I am doing some stuff that should help but if it isn't helping in the next few days I'll go to the doctor. It isn't too bad there was a lot of blood one night but it was all show.

But I tell y'all this because well today I have learned about some specific blessings that my family has found while I am here and it made me think of how blessed I am to be able to be out here and serve my mission! I know that there will always be problems and things to put us down but if we count our blessing we will always find the exitement and joy that Heavenly Father wants for us.

Sorry no photos this week, even though a lot happened, I'm in the process of backing up my photos and videos right now so I don't have a lot of new photos and am trying to make sure that I'll be ok, if another virus decides to attack my sd card, but I've got multiple precautions now so I think I'll be good!

But anyway, I hope that y'all can count your blessings, and find the good in all the things that are happening. This last week I have learned that while I have patience for other people who are not my companions, I can learn to have a lot more for them. But I know that if I keep trusting in the Lord, He will help me and help y'all too if y'all trust Him.

And well last thought of the week, it is weird knowing it is Christmas but it is hot. I don't like it. I want a white Christmas but that won't happen until 2018. So for now, the only white I'll get at Christmas is some clouds, and there are a lot of white busses that we use! Lol, have a great week!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Week 34: Tristes viruses

That is spanish, and it means like sad sad viruses. I don't like them. But we are getting rid of it again from my camera and I'll be more careful with the computers I use. But for that there are no photos this week. So if you are mad, find my a computer that isn't public that I can use XD Jk

And well, this week was fun, but hard. We were in a trio with Elder Castro because his companion had special transfers, and so we had a lot if divisions with members. And because of the fact we are 3 missionaries working two areas that are very separated, we cannot have a bunch of lessons, ok well it is really hard, because nothing is impossible. But, we have had some really rough times with our investigators because the ones who were progressing just all of the sudden something weird happened and stopped going to church, and are acting really weird during the lessons, and even though they received an answer that the message we share is true, I think they are doubting, but this week we are going to see what is up.

Also, being in a trio again, is really helping me to understand that I need more patience with my companions. I have never really had a problem having patience with people that I am only with a few hours of the day at most, but when I am with someone for a long time... Well I have some stuff to improve let's just leave it at that XD But we did a fun activity in our district meeting last week to help us have unity within our companionship and district. We wrote one good thing about everyone one one side of the paper and on the back one thing that this person can improve. And well mine said more patience with your companion so I think I know who wrote that even though it was supposed to be secret XD. But it really helped me learn that even though we are all trying to be better and we should always keep trying, we also need to remember the good things we have and not be self critical. We should acknowledge that we are trying to do our best and God will help us be exactly who He wants us to become, if we trust in him. But we should also look at the wonderful gifts He has given to us to use to help all the people around us! And when we do that we can be thankful for what we have and know that we can get everything done that he wants us to do!

One thing I have learned this week is that there are, and will always be people fighting to get rid of the correct things, as long as Satan still has the ability to tempt people. He will try to tear the people doing right apart but something that I have learned is that the people in this earth will always have power over him if we try to remember where we can find all of our strength. In Jesus Christ. I know that He really did pay for every one of our sins and He really will help you to get back to our Heavenly Father because they both love you and want you back. So to everyone who is trying to do the right stuff, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! :D

And yeah, I promise, as long as there are no viruses, to have some photos next week XD And with that I'm out, talk to y'all later and have a very merry Christmas!