Friday, December 16, 2016

Week 36: Well, I got moved....

So.... Transfers were today and both my companion and I left!!!

There was a problem with an area that had sister missionaries so they are moving sisters into Guiengola, because it is more relaxed, less problems and other elders are going to an area in Salina Cruz.

But I am in the city of Oaxaca! My area is called Yagul. Lots of hills. Which is not great because I don't have a toenail right now... I had an ingrown toenail and 3 days ago the doctor ripped it off! So I am without a toenail but the pictures will wait till later, and the response to all the emails, sorry not enough time right now only like 10 minutes.

But I got to meet Elder Neil L. Anderson, and have 2 meetings with him, as well as find some of my friends (Members and converts) from Rio Grande! So again, pictures will come later. Also someone in my family tell Aunt Diane that Elder Anderson says Hi.

Oh speaking of meeting up with people, I got to see Hermana Aden and catch up with her a little bit when I got here, and that was fun because we were in the same district in the CCM.

But yeah with that I gtg, because well it is time to do the Lord's work so I might have a bit more time tomorrow or maybe not... IDK So don't expect another email but don't be surprised if it happens.

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