Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 37: Well, it is cold... Well relatively...

Wow! It gets like in the 40's at night sometimes! I actually have to use a blanket! Well if we leave the windows open, which is what we normally do. But this last week has been really fun!

But before everything else.... PHOTOS!!!

Well, one of them is my new comp and I! Elder Lopez and Elder Loosle! Ready to take on all challenges that the Yagul area will bring!


Lol, my companion fell asleep on the floor XD

Idk if you can read the sign on the back of the bus but it is the mormon ad but also it is in spanish... But it is a mormon ad for CHRISTMAS!

This is part of my area from one of the higher parts of my area (My area goes from the bottom to the top of the hill)

During the meeting with Neil L. Anderson, I found two people from my first area Rio Grande!

And the last one is the meeting with Paul B. Piper from the quorum of the 70.

Ok, well this week has been full of fun, spiritual, and really difficult experiences. It was hard to leave my old area to two sister missionaries that I don't know, but I know they are supposed to be there and they are doing great things!

But anyway, now, I am in the CITY!!! There are about 3 million people in the city of Oaxaca, and I have a reasonably small area. Not that small but smaller then I have had before, like I actually have limits in every direction that I can walk to! But I need a lot of time. Because our ward is the side of a mountain!!! After Thursday, my legs were aching a lot for all of the climbing up and going down, but I am starting to get accustomed to it! We have a baptism for the 31 of december and we were able to put 2 more baptismal dates down for this January, so that makes 3 baptismal dates that we have right now... They told me that in the city you don't have a lot of baptisms... But I have faith that the Lord will help me to help every person that I am here to help, and I know that even though it may be a bit harder to help people progress, I am willing to work harder.

Anyways, this week I have to wash my clothes by hand again... :( I miss my washing machine... But that is ok, because I have......


Man, I forgot how nice it is to have hot water. I really apreciate it with the cooler mornings here!

Also, Merry Christmas! Because I will not be online to send another email till the 26th XD But, Christmas will be fun here in the city! I'll even get to video chat my family! Even with one of them with a broken collar-bone XD (Adam... -.-)

But I hope y'all have a great Christmas and always remember to put MAS (more) CHRIST in CHRISTMAS!

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  1. So cool you will have a baptism on your mom's b-day! Merry Christmas and a happy new year 🎄🎉☺.