Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 38: CHRISTMAS!!!!

Well Christmas was yesterday! It was good to talk with my family! And fun to see that they are doing well!

Ok, so the pictures
3 are of the dinner we had on Christmas eve! Tacos durados YUMMM! And CAKE!
One is of me with a moto taxi that an investigator has, and the other is part of the package that my family sent! This big blog of gummi used to be little bicycles


But this week was rough. We were not able to have a lot of lessons because everyone was gone for the holidays and well the people that were home, didn't want to listen to us because they were 1) drunk, 2)with their families or friends 3) 1 and 2

But that is ok, because we were able to find some people home! And also we had a multi-zone activity, with all the missionaries in the city!!! THERE WERE LIKE 75 MISSIONARIES!!! I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT MANY MISSIONARIES SINCE I STARTED MY MISSION ALMOST!!! But it was super fun! We did the 12 days of christmas Oaxaca style! And I got to be part of it with my trainer Elder SeaƱez! That was really fun!

Anyways, about out of time, so I hope that you all know that I am having a great time out here and I hope the best for all of you! I know that we can all finish the year great and start it even better! Have a great new year!

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