Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 39: Well, it wasn't a white Christmas, BUT!!!

It was a white 30th of December! Not because it snowed, but because we baptized Julian! Those are 2 of the pictures!
The other two of of the temple in Oaxaca! I didn't go in on Friday, but we did buy some stuff at the temple store!
Anyway, this week is short because there is not much time... But this week was a good week overall! We had a baptism! But were not able to have a lot of lessons because of the holidays, but that is ok because this week we should be able to have more!!!!
Anyways, this week I have really recognized that with the new year it is a good time to better ourselves and find out in what ways we can really make ourselves become more like Jesus Christ. So I know that all y'all have resolutions already, but I want to leave y'all with one more. Every one of y'all needs to find one thing that you can do, to become more like Jesus Christ. If you need to do some soul searching ALL THE BETTER! But you need to write down one thing you will change, or do this year on a paper and put that this is your gift to Jesus for this next Christmas. Then put it in a safe place until Christmas and we will all see how well we did. Don't worry, this Christmas that is coming I'll still be here in the mission so if you  forget I'll send y'all an email to remind you XD

But anyways, have a great week and talk to y'all later!

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