Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 2

So this week has been long, but not as long as the first week, which is good!

So after I sent my last email, I got to go to the temple and that was SO great! The Mexico City temple is so beautiful and for the work I did in the temple I got headphones so I could hear it in English but it was cool hearing some parts in Spanish, and hopefully when I go at the end of my MTC stay I wont really need the headphones! (hopefully...)

On Friday we didn't do any teaching but it was a lot of preparing and studying. The language studying program we are using called TALL is not very good like user friendly wise and appearance wise and there are a lot of things that personally I think can be better about it but it is helping me learn more which is the point of the program so it is working fairly well.
Saturday was fun, we got to teach two people from my district and they pretended to be investigators! We also had a stress management class which wasn't super effective but it did help a little bit.

Sunday! Sundays are truly a delight at the MTC! No teachers, no TALL, definitely my favorite day of the week. It is a bit nerve racking in sacrament meeting not knowing if you will speak until they call each speaker from the pulpit in the middle of the meeting... And it's in spanish, but it was still really good. I didn't talk but I might in the next couple weeks. I also joined the MTC Choir down here and practice Sunday night went really well and it was super fun! I love music so much, it really just fills the whole room with the spirit. The videos we saw were pretty good, one was on sister missionaries and that was really interesting. One was on a pioneer who walked 22 miles to temple square every week to be a stone cutter at the temple. He broke his leg and had to get it amputated and then after building a peg leg he did the 22 mile walk to temple square until he passed away four years later. I really liked that video. The last video was on the Savior and it was in the perspective of Thomas the apostle and the acting was kinda bad at the beginning so I couldn't focus on the spirit but once I saw the atonement it hit me that that wasn't just someone trying to recreate a story, they were showing what happened and how people of that time reacted to it and that really moved me and as soon as I started seeing it as the biggest event on Earth, because it is, I really felt the spirit. After the videos we had a district meeting that was almost like a family home evening and it was really good, because we were able to give Hermana Mapusua a blessing of comfort that really helped her.

Monday was fun, we taught Jesús (played by our teacher) for the first time and the lesson went well. It´s hard to have him understand the importance of the gospel. We also taught Margarita for the first time too(who is played by the same teacher that pretended to be Ana so it´s interesting). It is kinda hard for me to teach and love these fake investigators because they are fake... But it's what we have. It was raining a bit all day long

Tuesday was great because we had two great lessons with Margarita and Jesús and a wonderful devotional by an Area president! I think it was President Hoyels or something like that. We had another district meeting with our district to talk about the devotional and it went really well! Also it was our last lesson with Margarita because Hermana Vergara, who is Margarita, is going to be with the new district... That was kinda sad cuz I really liked her. Lots of rain but rain is good!

Wednesday was really good but kinda sad too.... So my teacher in the morning who plays Jesús, his wife was really sick so he had to stay home and we had a sub and she was really good! Also we did TRC which stands for Teaching resource Center and it was super fun! I taught three lessons with my companions to REAL PEOPLE! I mean they were members but they were being themselves and not trying to be someone they weren't and not trying to be super difficult investigators. I really felt a genuine love for them and I was surprised at how much of their spanish I understood! TRC is probably one of my favorite things during the week! Even more rain today, and we got kicked out of our classroom because they are doing construction and I don't really like our new classroom cuz its smaller and doesn't have as much stuff.

Today(Thursday) has been super fun! My companion got his haircut and its shorter than he´s ever cut it before so he doesn´t really like it but I think it's fine. We played bball for like an hour and a half and then showered ate lunch and took pictures, so a very nice and relaxing day.

Thanks for listening to me and I hope that y´all enjoyed it! I'm sorry if my responses are kinda short when I am responding to people, I'm just trying to make sure I can respond to everyone!

Yo estoy agradecidos por ustedes, y quiero ustedes saber que yo sé que Dios vive y Jesucristo también. Sé que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos dias es verdadero. Y sé que estoy donde estoy necesitar.

I'm grateful for you , and I want you to know that I know that God lives and Jesus too. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. And I know I 'm where I need.


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