Friday, April 29, 2016

Long week!

This week felt really long because today was my Pday as opposed to yesterday when it normally is because we had to go to Immigration to make sure we are legal here!

Also if anyone wants to send me letters at the CCM going to and you can send free letters to me! Or other stuff if you want to buy me something... but if that website isn't right just google it and it'll be the first thing that comes up.

But let's not get ahead of myself here, so I'll go back to last Thursday! So after I emailed last thursday I didn't do a bunch, I had a wonderful nap for the first time on my mission which was SOO AMAZING!

But Friday was a great day! I taught a book of mormon lesson on Chapter 14 in Alma in (mostly) spanish and it was really spiritual. I know that sometimes bad things happen to good people and God let's it happen, for many reasons. Sometimes so his judgement can be just and sometimes it is to help those good people become great. But also we had weekly planning which is fun I guess. We have a companionship inventory always after weekly planning and I'm glad the Lord blessed me with such great companions! It is a great way to start my mission! We committed our investigator Jesús to church and that was nice!

Saturday was fun too! We taught Jesús (who is fake) about the BOM and he said he would read it but didn´t. He, unlike our other investigator, is really bad at keeping commitments. But we got both our investigators to say that they are going to come to church!

Sunday, as always, was a delight. I love Sundays at the CCM because no teachers, no TALL, and super spiritual. I actually gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on the Book of Mormon in Spanish! I talked again about Alma 14 and how the book of Mormon shows us great examples of missionaries such as Alma and Amulek and how even when they are being mocked and spit upon and hated, they stand strong in their faith and trust that the Lord will aid them, and he does! So it made me think that once I get out to the field, if there are any people who try to mock or spit at me, I'll always remember who I'll be standing shoulder to shoulder with as I trust in the Lord to help me proclaim his word. Also on Sunday, I knew I would give a talk when they called my name from the pulpit, after Sacrament meeting. But while we were taking the Sacrament I felt this incredible peace flow through me and a voice quietly told me that I was going to give a talk today but it would be just fine. I mean it wasn't a great talk but it was definitely good, and the spirit was there to pick up my slack! The devotional Sunday night and the class from the CCM presidency were so good because President Tenorio has had so many great experiences in his life and he is just such a spiritual man. His faith in the gospel and in our Heavenly Father is so incredible it makes me want to take notes on everything he says. He taught on specific prayers and it is so motivating because it helped me understand that when we are honest and specific with Heavenly Father, he will bless us if we are trying to align our will to his. For the Sunday night video we watched the Testaments which is an old one but still a really good one. I really enjoyed it and then my district had a meeting afterwards to talk about it. Also we watch a little goodbye video for the districts that are going into the field and it made me sad because we were really close with the district that left.

Monday! We taught Jesús about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and while he hasn't kept many of his commitments he at least went to church! But with Vanessa we are constantly having really good lessons now, we just need to make sure we are constantly relating it to her life. We started to work out for half of out gym time as a companionship and then do basketball or volleyball for the remainder and it's fun, and hard work, but it would be more fun if we could play some music in the background. But it's all good. My companions both are stronger than I am but they push me to go as much as I can. I mean I can outrun both of them so we just have different strengths. But Monday morning the Latinos in our casa left and it was really sad but we go to talk to them and take pictures with them and I forgot my cord today but I'll send extra pictures next week.

Tuesday night we listened to a talk from Elder Oaks that was being broadcast from Provo and it was SO great! It was cool seeing all the people in provo going through a very similar experience that I am going through! And seeing a live devotional in english was a blast, because the hymns we sung were in english and the prayers and it was great!

Wednesday was a good day! I mean a lot happens every day and we actually didn't teach Jesús or Vanessa on Wednesday because Hermano Hurtado's (Jesús) car had problems so we didn't get to teach him and we had TRC! Super great! If my investigators are half as nice as these people then I'll be fine. We taught about prayer and the how we receive revelation and answers after we pray and we taught Solidad and Maria who we taught last week as well, and it was super fun! TRC is so great! 

Thursday was good, it went by really fast which was nice because we all really needed a Pday, and I realized that everytime I see Hermanas walk by I always say, "Hola Hermanas!" which isn´t a bad thing, but my district realized it and they just found it funny because we each have like a catchphrase and that's definitely mine. We also had weekly planning again and I decided that because next week is the 5th week at the CCM (technically 4th, but it's called week 5 because week 1 was 4 days long) I'm going solo español. It'll be muy difícil, pero yo puedo lo hacer, si trato. (I can do it if I try) But don't worry my emails will be in english. Well spanglishey,...

Friday, today! As I said, I left the prison-like walls of the CCM today to get my immigration stuff done and it was just like any other government office. Waited in a line, got a number, waited for my number to be called, gave them my stuff, waited some more, got called again, fingerprinted and then left with my paperwork. Speaking of paperwork the problems I had at the airport all got sorted out which was nice! 

Anyway, Thank you for listening to me and I hope everyone is having a great time!

Yo sé que Alma y Amulek fueron misioneros gran, y yo puedo ser también. Yo sé que este iglesia es verdadero y el Libro de Mormón es la palabra de Dios. En él buscamos la verdad del Evangelio en plenitud. 

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