Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 32: Well... Trump won...

Yeah I know that has little to do with my missionary work in Mexico, but it is something!

Anyways, I say that because many people here have asked me who I would have voted for.... I always tell them that that decision is like choosing which leg I want to cut off... XD Sorry to offend any hardcore Trump or Hilary Fans, but it looks like we cut off my left leg!

Pictures aren't working so waiting till next week.

Anyways, back to Mexico! This week was a bit rough... We weren't able to have a lot of lessons, but we did get 3 baptismal dates set!

Anyways, we also had interviews with Mission President and that was good!

But with the three dates that we have scheduled for baptism, they are family members of the first members in my area! Her cousins are and nephew are really open and receiving the gospel with open hearts! But the people here are really great! I can't wait until I can see them get baptized and start on the road to return to their Heavenly Father!

This week, even though I know there will be challenges, I know that I will be able to become the missionary that the Lord would have me be. And I would like to challenge you all to do the same! I think we should all focus on trying to be exactly who God would have us be right now, because we can always be better and He will always help us!

And for anyone who doesn't know where to find out how to get better, I suggest start by praying. And then listen. Listen to your thoughts and feelings and let the good ones lead the way, because all good things come from God. He will help you if you let him, I have seen that happen in my life so I know it will happen in yours too.

So, with that I will be off, until next week! Have a great time in the real world!

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