Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 33: Well... Special transfers

Well first of, sorry for no photos last week, I got a trojan horse virus on my sd card when I connected it to the computer last week, but with the help of my companion, we got rid of it and kept my photos! :)

And so on with the photos! (I don't remember the order but I think you can figure it out if I get it wrong)
1 - We went shopping for the sister missionaries last week because one of the dislocated her foot, and so we went shopping for them
2 - Cool spanish sign language paper I got from a deaf guy, but my little sign language I know is a different language for him so I just spelled out a couple of things saying thanks with this paper
3 - Rattlesnake! One of our investigators caught a rattlesnake and is going to sell it for like $80 bucks! (To be honest I don't know how much rattlesnakes go for... But it is about 6 feet long!)
4 - DOMINO'S!!!!!! We ate domino's pizza this morning for breakfast! It is actually basically the same price as in the states... more or less, and just as good as well :)

Ohh, the reason why I called this email special transfers is because even though today is not transfers, when the missionaries change their location, there are some changing, and I'll still be here in Tehuantepec, area Guiengola, I dare you all to try and pronounce that, but I will be in a trio with my companion right now and Elder Castro, starting tomorrow. Well I think anyway, because my companion doesn't know all the details but I think that will happen.

Also, this week we have been able to set up another baptismal date and we are really trying to help people receive their answers from God so that they can know for themselves that the gospel is true and that the message that we bring really is the word of God.

But, one thing that has really helped me this week is the scripture in Matthew 17:20.
(only part of the verse) "If ye have as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall be removed, and nothing shall be impossible to you" (Emphasis added)

I have been trying to help people work through some problems that they have, because I am a missionary, and so I have been able to see that when we have faith and use it, really nothing is impossible. Even moving mountains. But the mountains that we have to move are not giant rocks in the ground, they are much harder, in my personal opinion to move because they are everything from addictions, to mental and emotional wounds, to whatever it may be that is blocking the way from where we are to where we want to be. But these problems, once we move them, can come back, which is for me personally why I think it is more difficult to move. But, Jesus Christ said that NOTHING would be impossible for us if we have a tiny bit of faith and start to use it. But I want to put another scripture to help emphasize my point, because even if we feel like we don't have that tiny bit of faith or we have lost it, in Alma, we can read that even if we have a desire to believe, it is enough to get started, whether it is for the first time, or the seven hundred and fifty first time. It is not to late, and it is not impossible.

And yeah, that is my .... well it turned into more of a general conference talk that anything with the length of the paragraph... Oh well! Have a good week!

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