Saturday, July 23, 2016

First zone activity!

Well all of the photos are from the zone activity because that was the main different thing that happened this week.

one is of me on the beach

trail leading to the beach

trail leading to the beach

the beach! Well and rocks... Super pretty. 

the beach! Well and rocks... Super pretty. 

the beach! Well and rocks... Super pretty. 

So, one is of me on the beach, two are of the trail leading to the beach, and the rest are the beach! Well and rocks... Super pretty.

The zone activity threw the week out of whack, because it meant no Pday Monday, but nothing on Tuesday; and Wednesday we had a district meeting instead of Tuesday. Wednesday we also had exchanges and I stayed in Rio Grande with my district leader Elder Rivera coming and I only needed help from some members to find one person! Even though I've been here for almost 9 weeks, wow it doesn't feel like that long, our area is super huge. And so it is still hard knowing where everyone lives. Not having addresses or street names doesn't help.

But anyway! Monday we had a family home evening, well a family home afternoon with Paco's family because his sister is in town for a couple weeks. They are all newly baptized converts but they are incredibly strong in the church. We couldn't have the family home evening in the evening because we had to go to Puerto that night for traveling to San Pedro Pochutla on Tuesday.

Tuesday we woke up early to travel to the zone activity! We got to Pochutla and then changed into normal people clothes and then in a taxi went to Puerto Ángel beach. Well it is a beach in Puerto Ángel... I don't know the name... But we played volleyball and frisbee, and I got to know the new senior couple that is serving in Oaxaca a little bit! They are cool, Elder and Hermana Johnson I think. I also got to meet Elder Forsyth who is the only companion of my companion (Elder Seañez) that is still in his mission besides me. But he finishes his mission in 3 weeks. I think Hermana Madsen put up a lot of photos on Facebook.

But Wednesday we had a district meeting and then Elder Rivera, my district leader came with me to Rio Grande and we did a lot of contacting, and met with a less active who has a daughter that wants to be baptized. Also Paco gave us 3 references and was with us for a couple hours.

Thursday, we went to a small town called San Jose, like we do every Thursday because we have investigators and a less active family there.

Friday we went to the doctor, a specialist in the intestinal tract because my companion has an inflamed intestine I think and a parasite. And this week he got meds to get rid of the parasite because 2 weeks ago he took meds to calm the inflamed parts. So he is only dying a little bit because the parasite is getting flushed out.

Saturday Paco came with us again and we met with Rolando and he is doing better but he still doesn't feel ready to commit to a baptismal date. We also had a lesson with Bendito, who lives in a town over an hour away, but still in our area (XD Our area is very large...) But he is good friends with a family of members here and he travels here a lot for his work so we got to have a lesson with him and he is really interested, it is just really hard to meet up with him.

Sunday, we had 4 investigators at church! But one of them is a 10 year old of a family of members who is waiting for his mom to visit from the US before he gets baptized because he wants her here. Then it was also Rolando and 2 young men in a less active family that live in San Jose so it is a bit hard for them to come to church because it is over a half hour away and cost 50 pesos per person to get here and back in an urban. Very few people have cars here.

And yeah so that was my week. Hope y'all are doing great!

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  1. You are looking good and healthy Elder Loosle and doing well in the mission field. Your companion who "is only dying a little bit because of the parasite ...", hopefully, he is better now. And so from the De Leon clan of Texas, we say "Keep up the good work and take care of yourself".