Monday, July 25, 2016

We didn't start the fire!

🎶   Ok, I'm just hoping other people sang that title.

That is the title because last Wednesday we woke up and got ready and looked out the window right before we started to study and a bunch of leaves and stuff were on fire in our front yard... So I took a picture and we went back to studying. But the other photos are of my zone, the coast. and the sky looked cool so there are a couple pictures of that. And there was a caterpillar(please forgive my spelling) that made a cocoon on our door. But my companion doesn't like insects so this morning when the butterfly came out my companion killed it with a electric racket that we have.
 bunch of leaves and stuff were on fire in our front yard

 the coast. and the sky looked cool

And there was a caterpillar

 the coast. and the sky looked cool

 my zone

 really good snack that is just a pasta fried

The last photo is of this really good snack that is just a pasta fried. Literally. We helped someone prep for a party and she was making these and took pasta, put it in oil that was being heated on the stove, and then about 20 seconds later took it out and it had grown about 3 times bigger!

So Tuesday we had a zone meeting and after that we were able to find someone that contacted us and he has a mototaxi(It's a three wheeled motorcycle but a taxi), so after talking to him for a while he gave us a free ride! I hope we can meet with him again.

Wednesday was the fun little fire. That was about the most different thing on Wednesday. We had a good day and taught 4 lessons. Not terrible but we can teach more if we really try.

Thursday we went to San Jose and that was fun. We don't have a lot of time over there so it is really hard to find people because we don't want to get lost and we need to remember where our investigators live, because we already lost one because of that.

Friday we found a less active who was really sick and lost his leg which is why he is inactive. But he's gained a lot of strength back. I hope we can pick him up in his wheelchair next week and bring him to church.

Saturday was good. Nothing huge or different. 5 lessons which is about average. between 4 and 5 is normal. Except on Pdays and Sunday which are less.

Sunday we had service and washed a dog called HEYSHA. Try pronouncing that. In spanish, it would be how we in english pronounce Asia. Which is why for a long time I thought her name was Asia. She is Hermana Ana Cristina's(Paco's Mom) dog.

Hope everyone is great! The scripture that I want to share is a whole chapter so everyone read Alma 26!

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