Monday, August 1, 2016

Well... It's August.

So, I've been out in the field for almost 2 transfers now and I'm probably going to receive a new companion next Monday... Super Fun!

The photos are just of my investigators and me and my companion... if they load because the internet is SUPER SLOW... Today more than normal. Well it is the computer as a whole. So if there are no photos I'm sorry. Please forgive me. But if you don't, well I won't know for at least a week and I'm in another country... XD

But this week was very much similar to other weeks... We are trying to find new investigators.... But we have 3 that will be baptized in the next 3 weeks! ¡QUE PILAS! ( That means like how awesome. But in Missionary Spanish... If you google translate that you'll be confused.)

So last Monday we had a couple lessons but in both they were the last lessons my companion will have with these people probably so we took some photos and he told them his first name, because that is a huge thing here that everyone wants to know... Not to friend you on facebook well yes, that too, but more of just to know.

Tuesday was good. Lots of walking, but that is almost always... I am not sure how much we walk every day but in Rio Grande because it is bigger that most other areas... So quite a bit. Don't have a way to measure it but it's good.

Wednesday was good too. I started feeling a bit sick, but nothing bad. I can still work just fine. Just a bit of an upset stomach sometimes. But we went to San Jose on Wednesday and talking with one investigator I felt like I was able to understand everything that she was saying and questioning even though it was in Spanish! But the spirit really can help me and I can feel it.

Thursday we talked with President for a few questions that we had. Because he was in Puerto and so he stopped by Rio Grande.

Friday was good. We talked with Rolando, and it's really hard to figure out how we can help him because he doesn't feel ready to commit to baptism.

Saturday the best thing is we had a great lesson with a less active who really wants to come back but his wife is holding him back so he's trying to get her to open up to the church again.

Sunday was great! We got to meet with a member that moved to Pinotepa (different mission) but she still comes back sometimes to visit. She is really cool. There are a lot of really great people here in Rio Grande. OH and there were over 50 people at church! Because of vacations this hasn't happened in a couple of months.

Ok that is all. So no photos... Sorry!

Oh, but a really good scripture is Helaman 5:12. For this week it was able to help.

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