Monday, August 29, 2016

Life of a missionary...

Well my life is really interesting. Sometimes we go days without a solid meal, sometimes days without electricity, sometimes it is in the same time period. Sometimes we get really wet in the rain and sometimes it's because we are sweating in the hot sun with 100 percent humidity. But always we are happy to be out here! I'll get to why in a minute.

First! PHOTOS! 

My district, with our zone leaders. The larger one is new as our zone leader and he is cool. Mexican and doesn't know a lot of English. The American is cool too and he knows a lot of spanish, and so we were only talking in spanish because well we are in Mexico. 

Perritos! Or PUPPIES! One of our investigators dogs just had puppies and also one of our recent converts dogs also. But I'll send that photo later.

Also I found a praying mantis with one of our investigators and well in spanish it is called differently so I couldn't use it to teach her to pray always but it was fun. 

Also chicken! Well she had a chicken that her family was about to kill and eat so I had to take a picture with it so it will always be remembered. Or at least so that I could have more pictures on my camera.

Ok, so this week was pretty normal. Well not really... We are starting to look for a new house because the house we have is the worst house in the mission according to my companion. And I believe him... It is pretty bad. But it is good because it means all my other houses in my mission will be super great in comparison!

Also we went a few days without a solid meal, yeah we had a sandwich here and there and chips but not a meal because the members who give us food were busy and just gave us a bit of money. We also have been losing the electricity many times this week. It has been interesting, and normally it comes back on within one or 2 hours, but this week it was like every day at least once we didn't have electricity for 2 hours and one night for the entire night until early afternoon the next day. I can now say that I have showered in darkness. I prefer with light.

But I tell you all of this because I want it to be clear that there is quite a few things that many people would not like. But I wouldn't have it any other way. This week we taught the Book of Mormon to one of our investigators and she really started to understand the reality of the restoration. She asked us if we sold copies in the church, and when we told her that we give them out for free she started to tear up because she doesn't have much. And she recognizes that everything she has is because of God's mercy. And she really wants to change her life. That experience was one of the best in my life, not just in my mission.

Anyways. Besides that... well this week was mostly normal. I am trying to talk to people more because I can learn more spanish and I like talking to people, I just sometimes am worried that they will respond with something I don't know...

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