Monday, August 15, 2016

I have my new companion!

So first with photos. One is of my companion, Elder Martinez sleeping. He was only my companion for 3 days in Puerto. Then, BAPTISM AGAIN! 3 of that. And my new companion Elder Zavala is in them as well. Also Elder Pelayo, Elder Martinez and I eating. We were in a trio for 3 days. And for half of one day Elder Pelayo was sick so I was bored and took some photos of a clock.  This is what happens when your companion is sick..

So, last Monday thru Thursday I was in Puerto and it was super cool! Very hot as well but I'm grateful because I know Puerto a bit more now! So on Monday Elder Martinez arrived and it was cool.

Tuesday was fun. We found some super cool people in Puerto that I think are ready for the gospel.

Wednesday was super cool cuz we had a lesson in English!!! What!?! Yeah it was to Jehovah's witness that were a bit mad when we finished the lesson because when we started the lesson they didn't realize we were Mormons! XD Because their Spanish is really rough... But it was cool. I helped them realize that it gets better with time, but my Spanish is a lot better than theirs was.... And they have been in Mexico for almost 6 months. I am very grateful that God has helped me learn Spanish as quickly as I have so that I can help people here in Mexico. I know that if I was trying to learn on my own I'd be way lost. It was an experience that I am very grateful for to be able to have that lesson in English because it also helped me understand a bit better their beliefs which is good.

Thursday I returned to Puerto to have a baptismal interview for Valeria, the girl who was baptized, with my district leader. My companion was supposed to arrive in Puerto Thursday night but there was a blockade so he had to spend the night with Elder SeaƱez in Salina Cruz! Kinda funny.

Friday there was a baptism of 2 teenagers for my district leader and I had to leave right before it started to get my new companion. He is from Monterrey Mexico. He is cool. After that we rushed to Rio Grande to get everything ready for the baptism the next day.

Saturday we had the baptism of Valeria! She is the second that I baptized but my 4th baptism! Also the 5th this month for our district! She is cool, and is 10 years old.

Sunday she was confirmed and that is about it... We had a good appointment with new investigators that are super cool.

And today is fun, very laid back because it is Pday but fun.

But gtg out of time, I'll share a super awesome scripture next week!

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  1. Jason, you always make everything look so fun. I wish I was there. Very cool! How wonderful to have baptisms and good companions.