Friday, August 26, 2016

Well new branch president

So this week we had a branch conference. And we got a new branch president. He lives in Puerto so it will be interesting. We had interviews with President Madsen today(Mission President) and he told me I need to reactivate or baptize someone that can be the new branch president in a year because this is only a temporary thing XD

But photos! First, my district. Then pretty sky and then the BEACH! Yeah we can't swim but we can visit the beach in Pday when we have interviews with President!

This week was a lot of introducing my companion to all the members and investigators so not much to say, but I do feel like I can be myself in spanish now! That means that I can speak without having to think a lot and I can talk to a bunch of people much easier!

It's raining really hard right now and I am a bit afraid that the power will go out in the middle of this email so I'll end it quick!

This week has been really good for me and I am really starting to see the blessings of a mission in my life and others. I know I have been called here for a reason and I am doing the work of the Lord!

ps I forgot to mention one photo!!! It is of a chawka-chawka. It is how I wash my laundry now super freaking pilas. But, I'll try and send a video next week

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