Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My companion is gone! And my new companion isn't here!

No worries, my companion got transferred to Salina Cruz to be a Zone Leader! How cool!

Oh and my new companion won't be here for a week because he is the secretary right now and has to train the new secretary. So, I am in Puerto Escondido for one week in a trio! The other elders are both Mexican and so is my new companion. But I won't see him for a week.

Photos! Well I hope they work because they are slow.... Well this computer is slow. But that is ok. I had my first (and second and third) baptism because I baptized a young man named Carlos, his family is less active and Elder SeaƱez baptized his brother Aram. Carlos is a bit younger and shorter. I sure hope you can figure out which is me and which is my companion. And so a few photos are of that.

Then in Puerto this morning the sunrise is really pretty right outside of the house so one picture of that. And one picture of Hna Elvira(a member in Rio Grande) and her daughter Valeria. That photo is there because there is a sad story...

sunrise is really pretty right outside of the house
So, Valeria is not baptised but we set her baptismal date for the 13th of this month, this Saturday. But with these weird circumstances and me in Puerto, we can't do it. Her mom goes out of town next week for her work for about 6 months so we have to postpone the baptism until she gets back... Kind of sad but it's ok because it isn't 8 years or something like that. Or an unclear amount of time that could be years or could be decades. Because we have investigators like that too... XD

But the biggest thing that happened last week besides transfers and baptisms was a tropical storm came through! SUPER AWESOME! It rained for days straight, and super hard for hours straight and all night one night. It caused our baptism on Saturday to be postponed for 2 hours but by a miracle the family was able to make it through the flooded road!

Besides that not much else to say. I am about out of time so I'll just close with a scripture that helped me a lot recently. I've been trying to finish the Book of Mormon in Spanish to help my Spanish improve and when Alma is giving his sons counsel in the middle of Alma (30's) it is a good reminder of how we need to live.

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