Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 49: Another Baptism!

Well this will be short without pictures because we have a baptism in 2 hours! But the work here is great! We have a lot of stuff going on today so not a lot of time to write, or even respond to people XD

But this week has been good! I have been able to really focus on not stressing myself out because it was my first week as secretary without my trainer who taught me everything as a secretary and so I felt a bit overwhelmed because I started with a lot of work and not a lot of time to do it, but then after that I was able to manage it and now it has calmed down a bit and I am more calm. But I really have recognized how much the Lord has helped me in this past week! When He calls us to do something, it doesn't mean we are ready for whatever will happen in that moment, but it means that He has called us because He has prepared us for the work we are to do, and He will help us along the way so that we get everything done that is His will!

I know the gospel that I am teaching is really the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is the changes that if we make and follow this gospel, it will bring our souls to salvation.
Elder Loosle
MisiĆ³n Mexico Oaxaca

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