Saturday, March 4, 2017

Week 48: Freddy got baptized!

Well Freddy just got baptized a few hours ago! He has been an investigator for like 8 months, and he has been through a lot of changes to be able to get to this point!

Although we had planned on 3 baptisms today, we were only able to have 1 because the other two we had to postpone for differing reasons. But we know that as we keep helping them they will get more and more ready for their own baptisms.

So all of the pictures today are from Freddy's baptism (besides one) and one of them is the different generations of secretaries that taught Freddy, which is Elder Sosa, Elder Moore and Elder Loosle! Because he was an investigator for a very long time, he had a lot of missionaries teach him! But one cool thing is that he is the first baptism that we as the secretaries have had in almost a year! Because we do have a lot to do in the offices, a lot of the secretaries couldn't find as much time to leave to work as missionaries, but we have found that as we organize our time, we can use it more efficiently in everything we do!

So some interesting things that we did this week. One of them is we found an American that is interested in learning about the gospel! So we taught a super great lesson last night in English! He does speak spanish but his English is better and he almost can't read in Spanish... But we do have some stuff in English that he can use! Also he is very interested to learn more! His name is Jorge, and even though he is actually Mexican, he grew us for most of his childhood in the US and just barely returned to Mexico to finish up the university and to teach English! He is a college aged student and he has a lot of desires to learn more!

But also, the other picture is when Elder Peterson, Assistant to President, was cutting everyone's hair in the offices because he is leaving on Tuesday to go to the Istmo! He is excited

, and so he was willing to give everyone a haircut before he left! Which is fine with me cuz that means I don't have to pay 50 pesos to get my haircut!

But also I wanted to say to everyone that this week has been fun, but also hard. With changes next week I have a whole lot to do and not a lot of time to do it, and messing up might get someone sent to jail or to their home country before their mission is up, so I have definitively felt some pressure as the secretary because I am still new. But I know that even with all that we have to do, God will always help us get everything done that He needs us to do. Because that is the most important. And He, as our Father, will always give us exactly what we need, so that we may be able to complete everything when He wants us to, not when we want to. So if anyone is ever feeling super stressed for one reason or another, just know two things. You are not alone. Because I can tell you I have also felt a bit of stress, but also our Savior Jesus Christ knows exactly what you feel. And the second thing is that God will ALWAYS love and help his children. And you as a child of God will receive that help.

Well, I hope that y'all all have a great week and make sure to have fun! 'Til next week!

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