Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 62: Wedding!

NOTE:  Jason wrote 2 emails this day:

Well, this week has been super fun! We were able to see a Mexican wedding (very different from weddings in the states) and help out some great people who will get baptized in this coming month!
So with the pictures, we to Monte Alban again and well I realized that on the 20 peso Mexican bill it has Monte Alban! So that is one picture.

Then I have a bunch of random Monte Alban pictures with other missionaries because ALL OF THE MISSIONARIES IN THE CITY went with us! We were like 70 missionaries almost!
We also had the wedding of Victor and Pati! They'll get baptized in a few weeks, but first they had to get married and now they want things to settle down to be sure of their decision. After the wedding, we helped set up for a party and I started making balloon animals and made a dog and a TURTLE!!! HOW COOL!

Before they got married we had a family home evening with them! That is a few of the other pics!

Anyways, this week has been pretty bust with a lot of office work and work for our area, but it is nice to have a calm Pday, where we are just relaxing to help us rest and finish up a bit of work we have here in the offices. Because the assistants are out of town, so it is just my comp and I and we didn't really feel like doing anything crazy. BUT!

I do have a super awesome experience I would like to share with all y'all. So, one of our investigators was robbed this last week and she was just completely furious and she was feeling like she didn't want to hear anything more of the gospel or anything because she just was angry and wanted to hurt the person that robbed her, because she had an idea of who it was. But she let us give her a blessing and bless her house so that she could be able to be more in tune to the spirit of God, and she told us the next morning, that saying that prayer with her daughter, who is a recent convert really helped her feel the relief she needed. Also we helped her learn how to read better! It really showed me the power of prayer and priesthood blessing. Really there are 2 ways that people work miracles, by faith and through the priesthood. And if we put them both together, we will be able to accomplish anything that God wants us to. Remember that there are loads of people who love y'all and want to help!

Have a great week!

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