Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 63: Lots of work here in the offices...

Well, this week there has been lots going on here in the offices but it has very little to do with my work as a secretary. While I do have work still, because we are getting ready to receive the new president, so there are a bunch of workers here in the offices who are making a bunch of renovations to the offices to make them look very nice for the new President Conde. For me it just means that we have to stay here while they are working, and while they are working on the computers and stuff I have to do other stuff, so one thing that we have done is shred A BUNCH OF PAPERS!! And so there are some pictures for y'all.

Anyways, well I have had a lot of thoughts recently about things that I am doing to try and get better, and while there are sometimes we just really feel like we are messing everything up, and we can't do anything right, God is always there to help us.

 I've been having some hard times with the office work here, and wanting to be able to get more time working in our area, but not being able to, and while a lot of times there are many things that can frustrate us, I know that God will always help us. If we have the desire to get better and make it back to Him, He will be there guiding us and encourage us. If we fall, He isn't going to beat us down so we can't get up, He will lead us on and help us up, so that we can keep on going. I have thought of it like a baby learning how to walk. We are all learning how to walk, but when we fall, like all babies do as they are trying to walk, their parents don't ask why did you fall and make them feel terrible for not being able to walk. They show them that they can get back up again. Help them to try again. Maybe to fall again, but to eventually through the loving help of loving parents, they can make it to walking, and even running, without having to worry about tripping over themselves. I know that we all have a loving Heavenly Father who will forgive you. And He will help you to reach your true potencial. I hope all y'all have a wonderful week and keep doing great things!

Thanks for the support! Have a great week!

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