Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 65: WELL... Lots of stuff....

Ok, so, I had NO TIME last week because of the updating the offices, so sorry if I didn't get to respond to some people. Or if you were waiting on a letter and never got it. Sorry, I was able to write for like 15 or 20 minutes before I got kicked off for the entire day. But that is OK! Anyways, moving onward!

So for the pictures... Well actually I'll just go into the events of the last two weeks.
Ok, so first off, last week, man it feels like it was a year ago, we had the opportunity to do some service! But it wasn't like your normal get out your lawn tools or we are laying down concrete kind of service, we got to translate for some super cool Americans and build wheelchairs! Every two years, there is a group that comes down here to give wheel chairs to the needy and so this year they were working with Hope Haven West and so we had the chance to accommodate some 170 wheelchairs to the needy here in Oaxaca! I got to help translate, as well as build a few of the wheelchairs, with a guy named Don and another guy named Curtis. That was fun!! I put a couple pictures of that. I got to do it on Tuesday and Thursday of last week.

So the rest of last week wasn't terribly eventful. I did not get to not have much of a Pday last week because they were cleaning the offices and so I couldn't write, but I did get to talk to some converts from my first area! And next week they are coming up to the city to go to the temple, so I'll be able to see them probably!

But then this week got SUPER PACKED! The workers were working like overtime to get the job done before President Conde got here on Thursday, and then I had to do a bunch of stuff for the Madsen's before they left, and then the printers stopped working and then Conde showed up, and wow.

I am tired again just thinking about how long the week was... But President Madsen had his last zone conference with us, which was super great and where basically everyone cried, because when you are loosing a mission president it is like changing parents or something... It is weird.

But after we got to meet President Conde a little bit I decided he will help the mission A LOT! I know that he really is called of God and here for a reason. But this morning we got to say goodbye and send off President Madsen, and so we made a big sign and I put a picture of that as well!

So that was the last two weeks... It will be pretty different because of President Conde now but I know it will be good and we will be able to do the things the Lord has put us to do here.

Have a great day!

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