Sunday, July 16, 2017

Week 67: Changes!

So, I wrote this letter and saved it as a draft instead of sending it... Good thing I just realized XD

Well this week was changes so new missionaries arrived, but only 4 arrived. So that means that we had to close 5 AREAS! Kinda sad... But now I have an area that is about 3 times the size.... It is cool, we have a lot of cool members and investigators over there so it will be SUPER FUN! We were even able to get a new baptismal date put down in that area! But now instead of being 5 missionaries in our ward it is just my comp and I. So we have to trust a lot in the Lord and His miracles, because we have to be working in the offices for a while every day, and now we have a very large area. But, it is cool. I know that the Lord will help us.

Today we had an awesome activity with all the youth in the stake which was like a mini MTC (Missionary Training Center) And so we got to show them and train them how they can help other people and share the gospel! And even as normal youth with just their school friends and stuff. This week was pretty packed of stuff but a lot of it was boring office stuff and a few really awesome lessons that we were able to have. So I hope that we can get more time out of the offices this next week and keep our investigators progressing!

Well it wasn't a super different week so no pictures and it is kinda a short email, but yeah, that is it for now!

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