Monday, June 6, 2016

This week it started to rain and it has rained almost every night and today it has rained all day! 

So I'll start off with the pictures again.

And then I felt like sending my food so all of my non refrigerated food is always on the table like the picture and then some on the counter in the background. That is basically what I'm living off of. Well that and different ways of eating chicken with the members every lunch. 
There are my two new bags that I bought, they are like clothish backpacks but they work really well and are pretty durable.

One is of my bed, nice and made to prove that missionaries do make their beds! (Sometimes...) 
One is of my desk, because I cleaned it so it looks much nicer than the last picture!

Two are of a crab that one of our investigators kids found when they went to the beach. We have fun with what we can on our missions 
Two are of a crab that one of our investigators kids found when they went to the beach. We have fun with what we can on our missions

The few members we have in our branch are great and super strong with their faith (Well the active ones) and they always feed us lunch every day. Almost always it is some type of chicken, but that's ok! I like chicken! At least for now... We'll see how much I like it after 6 months here...

But there wasn't a bunch that happened this week so this email won't be as long as others. One fun thing was that after we taught Paco it started to rain really hard and so we decided to try and wait it out because it was just before 9 and usually the rain storms are only hard for like 10 minutes. This one lasted for multiple hours so after realizing it wouldn't stop we decided we needed to get home and so we started to trek through the rain. I was afraid that my stuff would all get soaked so I said a quick prayer before we left and we didn't walk 200 feet when one of the members were driving by and saw us and picked us up to give us a ride home, it was an answer to my prayer and it was super awesome of them!

One other thing is that this Sunday was fast sunday and I fasted for the Gift of Tongues because I felt like I should be farther along in Spanish than I am, and after fasting I realized that when I really focus and have the spirit with me I can more or less get the point of what people are telling me and more or less explain myself. Also I've only been out for 3 weeks in the field so I decided I was being too hard on myself and I just need to keep working.

Also Paco gets baptised this Saturday!

I hope all y'all having a great time in everything that you do and always remember the Lord! 

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