Monday, May 30, 2016

This week went by fast...

I feel like I just sent my last email! But it's all good! So big things that happened this week were my bag broke so I had to buy a new one... But that is ok stuff is cheap and decent quality down here so my companion says it should last me at least 6 months and it was like a full $10... well maybe not even that XD

 my shoes shows the difference after 1 day of walking and working in Rio Grande, I cleaned of part to show the original color.

my bathroom, showing what it looks like and that there is no door... Just a shower curtain

my bathroom, showing what it looks like and that there is no door... Just a shower curtain

my view as I walk out my front door

one more picture of the St. George squad from the CCM

So, last Monday after I emailed we met with Estrella and then with Paco. These two investigators are our most progressing, Paco has a baptismal date in 2 weeks! And Estrella is talking with her parents about it. Estrella is 13 and her older sister is less active but we are trying to get her back to the church as well. She is pretty good at chess but I still beat her. Not by a lot though.. I was worried that a thirteen year old would win for a bit... But Paco is great too! His mom is a recent convert and she is awesome! And not just cuz she feeds us all the time when we stop by! She was baptised three months ago and let her kids decide when they wanted to be baptized. Paco will be the last of his immediate family to be baptised but that is good cuz his sisters are great supports to him and so is his mom!

Tuesday we had our district meeting and I understood a decent amount of what was going on! I can usually understand when white people are speaking spanish but only like half the time understand Latinos... But it's getting better!

Wednesday was fun cuz we planned a full day of appointments and then at 8:30 we get a call saying we need to go to Puerto and be there by 2 because at 2:30 we will leave for Salina Cruz for the new missionary meeting... So we had planned to leave for Puerto at 6 and just sleep in Puerto but we cancelled our appointments and left for Puerto which was fun! I like Puerto because you can always see the ocean! In Rio Grande it's kinda too flat to see the ocean... But we got to eat with a member on the beach in Puerto like straight up on the beach in the sand under a pavilion. It was super fun. We then took a 5 hour bus ride to Salina Cruz which was long and boring but not terrible. We spent the night there with some other missionaries

Thursday we got up and went to the meeting for the new missionaries which was fun! I got to chat with Hermana Aden for a little bit, the one person from my district that came to Oaxaca with me and then we left and went back to Puerto. The bus we were supposed to take got stuck in a blockade... So we took a really cheap lame bus that was hot, uncomfortable and really not fun in any way. But after what felt like 22 hours we got to Puerto and spent the night.

Friday morning we studied in Puerto and then came back to Rio Grande. We taught Divinidad, who we just contacted last week and started teaching her. We taught her about prophets and I think she is really interested. We also taught Estrella and that is always fun.

Saturday was good! Best part of the day was having lunch with Paco and his mom, because they have a nice house so we ate inside and she made a really good pasta. We also met with Hermano Thomas who is a really solid member, he's super fun. He runs a store downtown, well as downtown as Rio grande has... But he's got bunnies too! They are cool.

Sunday was good cuz we had a linger longer thingy where we got food after church and its always good when we get food. We taught Mercedes who is an investigator that is starting to progress more but her husband Julio is not very interested and likes to drink.

Yeah, that was about all my week, lots of teaching and I'm starting to see my spanish improve! Thanks to everyone that is emailing me, it is really great to open my email and see a bunch of unread emails!

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