Wednesday, May 25, 2016

First week in the field!

Wow, so I'm in Rio Grande and it is insane, it really reminds me of when I lived on Guam cuz it's super hot and humid, there is sand everywhere, I don't think my shoes will ever be clean again.... But before I forget let me describe the pictures. 

A couple of them are of these "washing machines" that a member let us use today.... I was disappointed when I saw it because it is not a washing machine. Its a topless bucket that spins... But it's all good, because at least we have something!

Washing Machine

Washing Machine

One of the photos has me, Hermana Gates, and Elder Hobbs, because we were the St. George crew while at the CCM!

St. George crew

The skyline is the skyline of Oaxaca, Oaxaca, because I was at the mission home and got a picture.

skyline of Oaxaca

skyline of Oaxaca

One is of my bed... Yeah not much to see there...

my bed

But one is of my companion in a lounge chair because it was at the member's house that we washed our clothes in and I joked about because Oaxaca is warm all year round and some parts are touristy, my mission would be a two year vacation! Yeah, that one moment is the most vacation I've had in the entire week here, but it has been super fun!


So because I didn't really get to write last week I've got a lot to say but not a lot of time... So lots of stuff but brief will be in this email. First of, Friday through Sunday of two weeks ago were all pretty sad because it was our final says at the CCM but also exciting! Lot's of pics but I'll probably not send those out because it takes a lot of time to send photos. Monday morning at 6:40 I left on a plane to Oaxaca. And the Oaxaca airport is smaller than the St. George Airport!

After that we hung out with mission president and had a lot of meetings and talking. Someone after my mission needs to remind me to show them the 14th article of faith because it is so true. But I don't have it right now, so I'll have to send it later.

Then Tuesday, after I spent the night in the mission office, I got a 12 hour bus ride to Puerto Escondito which is an hour from Rio Grande. I got there at 8:30 at night and met my companion and some Elders who are in Puerto and one of them is from Logan! He's super cool! After spending that night in Puerto, we had a district meeting the next morning and then we went shopping and took all my stuff and all the food we just bought as well to Rio Grande! We got there about 1 and got settled and then ate at a members home. We had some other appointments but I'm running out of time so I will tell you about my AWESOME investigators next week!

Well some are awesome. And then there's some less actives who just stopped believing and they like the idea of the church but have no belief at all in it. It's really hard to work with nothing. Try doing it in another language and yeah, you can tell how that turned out.

Anyways I've been super busy have been able to help find and teach a bunch of people! What I really love about the coastal zone in Oaxaca is Everyone is very willing to listen. Most everyone at least!

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