Friday, May 13, 2016

Week 5 - Last week at the CCM!

So I leave the CCM Monday morning at 3:30 in the morning which I am having a lot of mixed feelings about because well I am excited to go into the field but I'm super nervous and I don't want to say goodbye to all my friends I've made here, like my companions and my district and other districts that we've gotten close to. But it´s happening on Monday, dark and early so my Pday might change next week to a different day. But also I'll get an extra chance to email people on saturday night so if anyone email me you might get a response then. But I won't send out my weekly email or anything until my next Pday in OAXACA!

So, Friday was a pretty average day at the CCM last week. The most different part is that in gym time Elder Vea tried to spike the ball and I was able to get a solid block for the first time, usually I'm nowhere near the net when he spikes it but this time I was there and it was AWESOME! But also we had the second to last lesson with one of our investigators because our teacher is leaving us for another district :( So that was sad but the rest of the day was good!

Saturday was also really fun but kinda sad because we had our last lesson with our investigator Vanessa. But we had a good lesson with Jesús on temples and that was fun! We also had a fun Book of Mormon lesson! I didn't teach it Hermana Aden did and it was on 1st Nephi 17.  All the days just have been blurring together so I'm not quite sure what else happened on Saturday...

But Sunday's are ALWAYS MEMORABLE! We got to practice our song that we are singing next Sunday with district 8A and it's coming together! I can't wait to sing it because it sounds really cool. And I like singing. Also we practiced for our Tuesday night devotional and the barbershop quartet I'm in and singing the 3rd verse with, is so much fun. Practice started rough but we worked through the problems. Also, best part of Sunday... It was Mother's day so I got to call home! Talking with my siblings and parents was so much fun and I'm super glad they are doing well! Oh also the first thing that happened on Sunday was there was a 5.5 earthquake in Oaxaca, but not much damage was done because of it. But they were worried an aftershock might hit México City so at 2:45 in the morning the earthquake alarm went off and my whole casa left to go into the safety circle, the green circle with arrows in one of the pictures. But my casa was the only one that had people leave on my street! It was a good thing nothing happened because otherwise like half the CCM would've gotten hurt cuz they slept through an annoyingly loud alarm... We ended Sunday with the Restoration video and I've never seen that video all the way through but by the end when Praise to the Man was playing in the background and Joseph was on his way to his death, I felt the spirit so strong and I realized that I have no room to complain when Joseph Smith gave everything he had, including his life to help the work of the Lord, and all that has been asked of me is 2 years.

So Monday was fun, I'm not sure if I said this last week but a new district came in last week and we bombarded them with candy because that is what happens with the new districts, and one of the Hermanas is from St. George and we went to Mission Prep together! Well went to is kinda stretching the word because I think we both went twice but we talked in Mission Prep and I totally forgot that she was going to be here before I left! Her name is Hermana Gates and she's super fun. We have a very similar schedule to their district so we got pretty close to them pretty quick cuz they are also in our ward, and have our same gym time. It'll be really sad when we say goodbye because they have become pretty good friends with all of us!

Tuesday, one of the Hermanas in the district that just came in and we became friends with left to go home because she was struggling a lot and was having some problems that came back from before her mission. So that was really sad. But the good thing was that both of my companions taught a book of mormon lesson for our district in two different chapters in Alma and they were good. One was about the resurrection and one was about teaching. Also we got to teach Jesús about marriage and Alejandro (our new person we are teaching, who is our maestro Hermano Guerrero, who is playing the role of an inactive member) about faith. We are teaching two people every day but because they are just our teachers the lessons are not great sometimes. I mean they are consistently fine now but Tuesday we had really good lessons with both people. Tuesday night was SO GREAT! We sang Señor Te Necesito(I need thee every hour) for choir and the quartet that I am in rocked it! We also had a solo Hermana sing half the first verse and a duet for the second half and that was rocked even more.

Wednesday was great but sad. Because it's starting to hit us that a lot of the stuff we are doing is the last time we will be doing it... Like TRC. It was really fun! We taught Soledad for the third week in a row and also Hermana Tenorio, who is not related closely to Presidente Tenorio..

Today was fun! Last Pday so we had to do a lot of stuff like get haircuts and get our luggage weighed. Fun stuff but kinda sad. But we also took lots of pictures today. And so it's kinda sad cuz it's our last Pday out here...

But with that there is not much else to say and I'm kinda over time with my hour for emailing so I'll bear my testimony in spanish next week ;)

Peach-o's es vida.

My new scripture case. It is of a rock in México that has what people assume to be an interpretation of Lehi's dream! It's a really old rock 

Construction that kicked my district out of our class

Funny district picture. Left to right, Elder Russon, Elder Loosle, Hermana Aden, Elder Vea, and Hermana Mapusua has her head turned around. 
District picture.

My mini casa
Map of the CCM.
Our attempt at a Beatles picture, other people's camera´s had more luck with less awkward looking people.

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  1. So fun to see the pictures and hear about your adventures! LOVE IT! Keep it coming!