Monday, May 16, 2016

This is short

So my Pdays are now on Monday and I don't have hardly anytime to write but I just wanted to say that I get to meet my new Latino compañero but it's not till after a 12 hour bus ride to Rio Grande that I get to meet Elder Seañez! I'll be great but the package that you sent me will probably not get to me for another few weeks because my area is so far from my mission home. There is a more direct route through the mountains that would be faster for my bus to take but the turns are too sharp so I need to drive all over Oaxaca... I'm super excited though!!

Please forward this on and summarize it on the blog. Also any letters that get sent just need to go to my mission home as well as packages and then they will give them to me.

Google maps of where Rio Grande Oaxaca is.

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