Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 23: Well this week was much slower...

We were barely in our area this week because of all the meetings and stuff we had so it was really slow. But I learned that we should always learn from the meetings we have because they are great opportunities to learn from other people's experiences!

Photos! Well, let's hope that they finish because this computer is REALLY SLOW! DX
But there's a picture of a scorpion! We found it and then killed it with a frying pan... Well, I didn't kill it or really want to but the other missionaries (we were in their apartment) didn't think it was very fun to have around.

Also, 2 photos with my district and the Senior couple that is from the States serving their mission. They check our houses and live 3 and a half hours away in Huatulco.

And to show you how fun my days are, the other picture is a computer I was using last week to email! I get to see how the computer works from the inside!

But this week was a bit hard because I wasn't in my area.... I hope that this next week will be more fun because we hopefully have a baptism! And it might be my last week in Rio Grande!!!! Maybe, I talked to Hermana Madsen, President's wife, and she said that President is having a tough time knowing where I should go. Sometimes she lets elders know if they are leaving or not but she told me that neither of them knows as of Friday. But I'll know on Saturday night and you'll all know on Monday, and if I don't respond or send my weekly email it is because I went to the CITY! Or to past the city because that is like 15 hours or more of travel. Without blockades. Who knows what will happen if there  is one.

But everything is going great out here! I played soccer with the missionaries and got a few cuts, and then had a really bad migraine but now it is gone which is good because it is about time to get to work! So, well two really awesome sections of Doctrine and Covenants are 101 and 122. So read it and tell me what you learned. Yes, you all have homework just like my investigators here! Mwhahaha! I just hope that you do it unlike some of the investigators we have here....

But the investigators are really awesome. The baptism we have planned for this week is a girl who is 10 and for multiple months her parents wouldn't let her get baptized but she is ready and talked with her parents again and they said yes! It really was an answer to prayers.

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