Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 25: Well.... New area is interesting

So no photos this week because well it is a new area so it was more getting accustomed to everything and I am sure I misspelled that... But that is the problem with only using Spanish. But good news!

There are 2 other Americans in my district. And besides my companion and I, the rest of the missionaries in my district are Sister missionaries! It is different because in my old area, in the entire zone there is not 1 sister missionary.

Ok, actually there is 1 that is here with her husband because they both are old and so are their kids so they were like let's serve a mission in Mexico! I want to do that.  But at first it was really weird but then after like 5 minutes it was fun. Also tomorrow we will have a zone activity! On the beach again! How cool!

Ok, so I am learning how to relearn an area because I just got here and my area is big, so I hope I can get it quickly, but I might need a bit of prayer from yáll too because it is a bit difficult right now. I am starting to understand where a few people live.

So this week we focused on setting people up with baptismal dates to help them prepare because in the district we didn't have many, between my companion and myself we only had 2 when I got here, but now we have 6! And 3 for October! We had one for this week but we had to push it so that we could finish teaching her, but now her daughter will be baptized with her!

Other investigators are also really cool and progressing, well more or less. We only had 1 in Sacrament meeting but we are working really hard to get at least 6 to General conference! That will be good! I'm glad I know Spanish sufficient enough to understand the Liahona, so that means I can understand conference too!

Also... Well, actually that is about it. I'll send more pics next week of people and stuff and yeah.
But before I get off, just know that I know I am serving the Lord out here in Mexico, and I have seen miracles. When we trust in our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ they will never let us down. And I know that we will always be able to see the hand of God in our lives if we look.

Also, it is good to remember our baptismal covenants in Mosiah 18 we can find them and if you aren't a member of the church, well it is a really cool chapter to read and see what people a long time ago promised and how people today still promise to do the same!

So until then! Or in Spanish, ¡Hasta entonces!

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