Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 58: WHOOPS!

 Wow, I can't believe I forgot to send a weekly email out last week too! We just got a bunch of stuff that happened so well we had a baptism last week! Which is part of the reason I was not able to write... I thought I would have time after but then we started late and ended later...

 But Anyways, I'll get started with the pictures. I haven't sent pictures in a while so some of these are old. But lots of pictures!!!!

So there are 2 pictures of an Easter egg I made, when we celebrated Easter! We all wrote on painted eggs and then had a competition of who's egg would break all of the others. I didn't win, but I did like my egg!

Another two of a service project we did! We cleaned out Victor's(an investigator we have) chimney! He grills chickens! They taste really good, but once a week he has to clean the chimney, and man that thing gets dirty! Made me dirty too!

There is one with a nice view from a part of a different area. We sometimes go out there to eat because it is part of our ward but other missionaries have it as their area, because there are 4 missionaries in our ward.

Another one is a picture with the asistentes and Elder Vasquez, and Elder Silva and I. Elder Silva had to go home early because he got super sick and so we helped him feel good so that he wouldn't go home sad!

We also had a baptism! Priscila got baptized! There are a couple pictures of that too!
Oh, also I threw in a picture of when I burned my shirt XD.

Well, so it has been interesting and kind of rough in the last few weeks, because of the stuff that has been happening, like with missionaries going home early, changing stuff, just loads of things, and so I felt like we couldn't really leave to work a lot, but God is really blessing our efforts, because we have another baptism this coming Saturday!

And Victor and Pati are getting MARRIED!! On the 8th of June so that on the 10th of June they can get baptized! I'm so exited! We are also trying to find some new investigators that can progress, but also Priscila's Mom is going to get baptized in like 4 weeks as well!!

I love being out here in Oaxaca having the opportunity to change people's lives for the better so that they can really follow Jesus Christ. I know what I am doing is what God wants, and I know what I share is true. I know this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and He will help me overcome the challenges that I have.

Anyways, have a great week!

Elder Loosle
Secretario de Misión
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

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