Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 59: LITTLE CAESER'S!!!!!

Little Caesar's opened up!!! We went on Tuesday night, and it was PACKED! I got a picture! It is actually just as good as the states though... But! Let's get to the pictures first!

Well the Little Caesar's... OBVIOUSLY

Also I took a picture of our white board we have here in the offices that we fill with quotes. I'll translate a couple, the top one says,

"The power of a magician {missionary}, resides in his empty fist {head}, and his ability to make his audience {president} believe that said fist {head} is full." 

The next one in the orange I really like too!

You need to go to bed early to be able to go to bed early. 

But if you want more, talk to my friend google translate cuz I've only got so much time to do it right now...

One is of my companion because it was the first time he has ever eaten cereal with bananas... Or cold cereal in his life...

And then the last ones are of our baptism that we had this week!!! Well this morning! And it was super great! My comp spent a while drawing on a white board while we were waiting for the baptismal font to fill up.... But it was a great baptism!!!

But this last week has been a good week! Oh, I should say I was with president today for a while, because we had a goodbye thing for Elder Caballero who won't be assistant anymore and so we threw a party and president gave me a bit of time right now to write.

Also big news, by the time you read this, I'll probably be an UNCLE!!! ¡¡¡TÍO!!! Because as I am writing this, she is in the hospital getting ready to have my niece!!!

Also fun stuff, this morning there was an earthquake! Idk where the epicenter was but it was kinda strong here, I could feel one big shake that made me kinda worried, cuz I was on the second floor of a concrete building, and so I got up but as I stood up it stopped. My companion is not as used to earthquakes so he totally flipped out XD But that is ok.

Anyways, this week has been a good week because we have been able to keep planning for the investigators we have so that they keep progressing and also, we have been able to find a few new investigators and old ones we were dropping but all of the sudden are progressing a lot! And so that is good! We also have some baptismal dates that are scheduled for next month!

Anyways, something that I have learned this week is that we have to really always be constant. Because it is when we are having ups and downs that Satan can hurt us more, as well as if we are constant, we will be able to continually learn and our spiritual progress will be a lot more, because we won't have to redo or retrace parts. Also something very important is that we are always trying to get closer to our Father in Heaven and not just be like, ehh, I'm fine. But that is about the time I have to I'll talk to y'all later!

Elder Loosle
Secretario de Misión
Misión Mexico Oaxaca

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