Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 60: Visiting Ruins! And TRANSFERS!

Well today was super fun! We went in the morning to go to Monte Alban, some ruins that are very large on a big hill here in the city, and so that is basically all the pictures...

Also we had a combined district meeting for the last week of the transfer, so I took a picture. So, the pictures are a bit random, but it was a fun week! Also, the member that is in the pictures with us at Monte Alban, is our recent convert Freddy.

But this week has gone by super fast, but also slow... We have had a lot of work in the offices and a lot of problems with technology, which is a problem when you are working on a computer.... But we haven't been able to leave that much which is kind of rough... But we are keeping our investigators up and progressing! It is just hard when we leave so much.

This week I have been focusing on what things I can do to get better, not because I am terrible, but I have realized as I focus on what I lack, I can fix it little by little so that I can be a better missionary and person! But something I have realized is that as I fix something I start to recognize other small things I can be doing a bit better. And while it might make some people think that it is overwhelming, it actually helps me to know I am getting closer to who my Heavenly Father wants me to be!

The ways that we will be able to achieve that potential that He has for us, is when we are constantly devoted to talk with Him, and seek answers from Him. I know that we can all achieve our purpose in life and our divine potential.

Also, we got a new assistant today! Elder Knapp, because Elder Caballero is leaving to go to Juchitán! And so I'll send pictures with him next week! Sorry the email isn't long... I just kinda ran out of stuff to say... While we were busy, not a lot happened...

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