Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 44: Ok, well I learned a lot...

This week has been a lot of learning for me. As a senior companion I have felt a bit bad when I haven't been able to remember something or I messed something up but I know that as I have really been able to see these things, I have been able to start to see changes as well. Where I have been able to help my companion out more and recognize what people need and what God is really trying to tell me! I would love to go into more detail, but because of a curtain fiasco, I got cut on time by like 30 minutes XP But that is ok, ya get what you get.

Anyways, I know that I really have been able to find out a lot of things that are really important for me to know and one thing that I know that is important for all of us to know is that God loves you. Individually! And He will do everything that you need to help you reach your salvation! And not only that, but if we are all trying to do what He wants, He will help other reach their salvation through us! But I really hope that all of y'all have a great week and a great day, and keep on keeping on!

Till next week!

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